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So i was just at the fda talking about the potential approval of this and emily was there with her dad she is an absolutely amazing individual obviously this is she sort of become the international face of cell therapy and it's just every time i see her either in clinic visits or just out in these kinds of events it's great to see how well she's doing northshore dr steven grabbed director of the cancer immunotherapy program at children's hospital philadelphia who read novartis has global trial of the treatment we thin talking about dr got thank you absolutely pleasure to talk to you uh there are lingering questions that will take up down the road but as you heard emily whitehead was the first child in the world have her a mutant system trained to fight cancer through this gene therapy she'd been diagnosed with pre be acute lymphocytic leukaemia in 2010 at five a leukemia so aggressive in her case for doctors gave up within her parents try dr grabs clinical trial now emily almost died in that trial her immune system fought the therapy she went into a coma but dr grupp found a drug to reverse that she is now cancerfree we wanted to quickly check in with whitehead's emily in her parents tom and carry have set up the emily whitehead foundation help other families that start with dad at tom in those terrible moments did you question trying gene therapy no we never questioned it because of the time that we and a banner her into this trial we knew chemotherapy couldn't saver in our only other option was to take her home on hospice until she passed within she wakes up from this coma that she'd fallen into because her immune system is so fighting this therapy after data grupp finds a way to suppress the immune system and the cancer is completely gone i can't imagine that moment.

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