Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, David Guthrie discussed on Chicago's GameNight


So far is make the first missed the second so that's what we're chasing does this is more I was surprised Dr problem so quickly from that distance as well because a lot of coaches want to see under five regs copies in front of us got his mouth and said something to Jayson Tatum I think he told them Mrs miss the second wants you to get everybody does it hits the ramp and it's contested it's all the way up to the three point what four triple zero you want to that's what it looks like you shot it with the food the mad scramble I just tried to come up with it in two small the jail okay it wasn't a no it's he got old pretty much wide open world and knocked it down Jaylen brown was one for five from three point land apple could not have come to him with any nicer we are at the end of regulation the question is will they check to see if there were a couple tenths left on the clock or we go straight to overtime David Guthrie in front of us is talking to the scorer's table doesn't look like it is five minutes on the clock but he was very very few well clearly good was the food basket hello there ready to go five more minutes to Calvin Houston one oh four Boston one oh four you're listening to the NBA on ESPN radio and ESPN that presented by the switch to T. mobile and get two lines for just ninety blocks to new iPhone eleven on us so you can face time a lot of things what do you want to do but he wanted to take a Portugal.

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