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On the coronavirus in our area. The vaccination rollout hasn't been as quick. Or is easy as Prince George's county leaders would like some of that is out of the county's control. But in a telephone town hall today, County leaders promised that things will get better. Calling the sign up process a disaster. Prince George's County executive, Angela also, Brooke says now moving away from the state fight scheduling site in the counties building its own easier to use site. It's going to allow the county to start scheduling people into the start of the spring in the county expects to start getting more than 4000 initial doses per week. So you will be seen separate appointments for your 1st and 2nd dose. At the same time seniors daunted by the complex online sign up process can dial 311 impress pounds to begin the sign up process over the phone. John Doman w T. O P New Louden County is continuing to show its support for sheriff deputy Cameron Gentry, who was shot January. 2nd Deputy Gentry Check out of Reston Hospital Center to a salute from the community today, Loudon County Sheriff Mike Chapman Says hundreds turned out to offer well wishes to deputy first class Cameron Gentry on his road to recovery, so much community support and I think that really is a reflection on the way people feel about Deputy Gentry and another members of La County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Gentry was shot multiple times while taking a man into custody at the Wal Mart at Dulles Crossing Plaza. January 2nd. Who lost prevention officers were also shot. Ah, go Fund me page for wounded. Deputy Gentry has set a goal of $125,000 particularly on O w T o P new coming up after traffic and weather. The weather is horrible. Yeah, We've got some firsthand reports of the icy conditions out there for you and we will talk Live Tomo, spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Transportation will see how the roads are really doing out there and how they are tackling all this ice tonight. Right now in Washington, it's 506. Was overwhelmed driving from office to office. Seeing multiple dentist. Finally, I found Dr Goebel with his procedure. Bone loss was not an issue. No months wearing temporary dentures, no pain. Doctor. Golda is more than a dentist. He's an artist. Isn't it? Time you joined.

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