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On February 18th of this year. Which would have been his dad's 98th birthday, But Dad had died back in 2008 years. You know, it was really that I thought was really touching Way wrote. You know, it's just imagined that his dad was spring training starting wars. Somewhere. Yeah, you could imagine in them Sheriff Soda, some narrow the hot dog and beer. Joanne Baseball. I hope that I hope this happens. I think I think it would be a fantastic story of fantastic moment. Yeah, I'd even might even be open to having you Let them talk politics to see, you know, Hear what 12 13 years later after they ran really intense race. And you know What? You know what did they have thoughts onto between anything? Not during the gotcha One other point you made in here about sharing. I think this you know, really speaks to You know, shared sincerity, not only his sincerity, you know for just his job, but also about the Cleveland Indians of the franchise that you know when the when the team said they were gonna drop the longtime chief Wahoo mascot. Chair. Talk about what she did after that. Well, uh, any of this they did drop Chief Wahoo. Yeah, pretty much horrible caricature. Anyone on And sheriff didn't raise any objections of that. He. In fact, he said, You're gonna name it, giving another name. Let's calm the Cleveland Buckeyes. I am. The Cleveland Buckeyes were a very good and very successful Negro only team back in the 19 forties. And they want they want the Negro League Championship and World Series and 1945. I am, he said. It would be a great, you know, hey, made the argument look way have a good civil rights record was was baseball with other things? Larry Doby first American League, Uh, black player who just followed shortly after Jackie Robinson with the Dodgers. Um And you know, naming them after the Buckeyes would be would be perfect, and I thought it was a good idea. I said, That's not bad. Uh, but you know, people, then people got the Shorts all bunched up because Ohio State on those Buckeyes and likely kind of apparently. Oh, word Buckeye belongs to them, right? Well, I mean, it means I mean, the Cleveland Buckeyes means something It's not like because the Buckeye State in all the big university as it This has deep deep Me. Yeah, right. Um, it ties the present day, Uh, Cleveland team to that era. Where Cleveland had really a very successful Negro League franchise that did very well and, uh, you know, I just thought it was good. Yeah, but Then he got shot down. Um, talking with Howard Wilkinson catch him on Twitter at Howard Wilkinson, He's senior political analyst for WB X you long time folks remember him from his time with since I inquire political reporter and columnist They're real quick. Got about another minute. Howard and shared a great story about your mom today on Mother's Day and on Facebook, and I always love how you You bring life experiences and relationships back into baseball and you're talking about if the Reds were in town. Your mom always wanted to go to the red scheme on Mother's Day. Oh, yeah, Absolutely. I mean, there's no question about it. I could tell her. You know, we're going toe five star restaurant. We're going to, uh, go jet skiing or not, You know anything? But the only thing she really wanted to do if the Reds win town was to go down to the ballpark. And when she go to the ballpark, she was treated like a roiled by the Usher. Remember, you're talking about the Oscars. Yeah, Tom and found they just treated her like the Queen of Sheba. She loved it. And for me, it was great. I said yes, sure. I'll take, you know, boxing. And if they weren't in town, she would write it down and she would look on our schedule to see when they were back. So can we do it? Let's celebrate Mother's Day on this day instead of it. Yes, Yes, sure, Mom. Great stuff, Howard. Thank you so much for joining her day I knew in a pinch, and I read your thing, and I'm like, and then I saw your post on your mom and I'm like I'd love to get Howard. Come on. So thanks for coming on, Sheriff. Absolutely not have a great rest of week and how to talk to you. Take a break Your news radio 700 wlw. Now a special message for Mom. Mother's Day..

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