Bissett, Apple discussed on Marketing Over Coffee - Geoffrey Moore From the Chasm to Zone to Win


The existing businesses will turn their they won't they won't try to sabotage the new business but it the marginal think about their own interests first in it just won't work use won't get to scale so if you really have that situation the answer is don't try to transform just don't do it because it won't work if you're going to do it then you have to go all it now want to you mentioned the don't try to disrupt yourself the many other books have done this thing of it while somebody's got to blois up we might as well 'blow ourselves up a you make the case actually that that's a big mistake yes i hate that sense we have to disrupt ourselves there is a version of that sense that i actually thinks the right idea blaming deconstruct the wrong idea i so the idea of disrupt yourself is i would voluntarily go into my existing cash cow businesses with the new offers cannibalize and sort of just go after it because after all that with the startups or during the may so the idea of somebody's gonna eat are logic might as well be us is not a stupid idea but the problem with that is you're partners don't get what you're doing your customers don't like what you're doing your exit in other words your install basis going your you've your deserting us at a in our time of need so what can you do two things you can do one is you can disrupt somebody else's bissett's that's always a possibility in other words if i take disruptive technology but not in my sector i take my capabilities into somebody else's patch that's great so apple for example never disrupted the macintosh by it disrupted music it disrupted phone it that way.

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