Keith James, W. F. T., Hurricane Dorian discussed on The South Florida Morning Show


Color red roofing pardon me so that you need to listen what she's saying because we really don't know where during is going and the category one hurricane still is eighty five mile per hour winds it's going to update right now at eight o'clock at the national hurricane center is it lumbers northwest through the Atlantic Ocean almost completely missing Porter Rico and the state of Florida is making preparations for hurricane Dorian governor Rhonda Santa's yesterday declared a state of emergency for twenty eight counties they include Miami Dade Palm Beach and Monroe counties also the state emergency operations center will open partially today to monitor the storm and communicate with local and federal agencies Stephen Diener news talk a fifty W. F. T. L. of course Broward among those counties as well west Palm Beach where Keith James wants you to prepare now for hurricane Dorian qualities too early to have any sense of Dorians true impacts I want to urge residents to be prepared there's some top tips have a hurricane kids know your zone in the event that you're told to evacuate you must know what evacuation zone you're retarded and if you were told to evacuate do it and you can find your evacuation zone emergency plans stores and gas stations shelter information at our website a fifty W. F. T. L. dot com plus the eight o'clock advisory you don't forget to clear as well any debris from the storm drains and remove any potential projectiles Saint Lucy's public works department is clearing debris from drainage systems and keeping an eye on water levels as hurricane Dorian threatens Florida's east coast different pieces of heavy machinery are digging out weeds debris and other junk from area canals in the days leading up to Dorian's expected landfall the city's division of emergency management is taking.

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