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Worcester lana jones wbz newsradio ten thirty more information is coming out today about a brockton state senators past struggles with alcohol michael brady was arrested early saturday and weymouth and has since pled not guilty he's also checked himself into a treatment program the brockton enterprise reports it's not the first time this has happened brady was also arrested in weymouth back in nineteen ninety eight after he crashed into a utility pole on pleasant street according to police officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol after that crash and brady admitted to drinking quote a lot of beers at a bar in quincy number eighty was issued a citation but it's not clear if he was ever arraigned a new report on competitive electronically supplies out wbz's ben parker reports the state ag ordered that report after getting an earful or healy says the office received hundreds of complaints from residents concerning deceptive sales tactics and overcharging by competitive electric suppliers low income residents paid an average about two hundred and thirty dollars per year more than they would have paid had they stayed with basic service the attorney general says she plans to work with the legislature and others to end the individual residential competitive electric supply in massachusetts it's time to stop the targeting to end the abuse and restore fairness healy says these companies have built an entire business on deceptive practices and they have not been protecting the public but cheating it ben parker wbz newsradio ten thirty he was missing for several days now a man from thune has been found and is under arrest based on child pornography charges the eagle tribune reports michael muse was arrested in arrest area off four ninety five in chelmsford this happened early tuesday he was hospitalized with what police are calling pre existing injuries amuse was reported missing by his wife back on the twentyfirst police tell the paper a warrant for his arrest was issued on monday no details available right now on his alleged crimes or when he will be arraigned very tough right out there we search for direction intersection is all that seldom troops the correct path cleave anytime soon so stop and go for those red lights we have an alternative wbz's traffic on the threes wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time twelve twenty three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on.

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