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They released a guy they drafted who was their top overall pick mines you in 2017 albeit in a third round their first pick who was drafted to be a pass-rusher and right before game where they they they lose largely because they didn't couldn't find a pass-rush Derek Rivers got released. I just didn't understand either way you move, you know, did we really need to activate Donte Moncrief for this game? He couldn't stay in our practice squad. He couldn't have kept those guys. I mean really we need him that he made the one catch em. I mean, it does look fast the guys always had Wheels, you know, whatever. I mean, I I will say I like the Jordan Thomas Kidd the tight end. I thought he showed some promise and thank God because I can't watch Ryan Izzo anymore. But yeah. Yep. I didn't understand it. They didn't need to do they didn't need to activate Sony Michelle. They could have found another, you know, roster move to keep Rivers at least for another week. I just it was strange. But I look it's another it's just another nail in the in the Belichick can't draft column, you know, you know not as a whole obviously he can draft a bit but that he struggled in recent years wage are two glowing examples the third round pick and a fourth round pick in both guys. Basically did Jack squat when they were here. Yeah, not good against the Texans some Personnel moves that left us scratching our heads. Of course. I don't think it's going to get much easier with Kyler Murray on the docket in the Cardinals coming to town. I might they might rush one guy this week. I guess Watson don't go with the no pass rush this week everybody. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Happy turkey day gobble gobble will be back a little bit later in the week with with a dog. Bag version of the podcast and will also touch on the Cardinals game a little bit. He's Greg Bedard. I'm Nick cattles until next time it's the Greg Bedard Patriots podcast with yesterday MacDonald song..

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