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Steve you you gene you yeah it's time for the west zone and this is hotter than a dad who celebrating his father's day checky cheese who bright idea was if new music from galant thanks tom this is the lot thank you so much for having me on your show my family and i been listening to you for years and so it's such an honor and a pleasure to be able to introduce my latest single called doesn't matter it's a song i wrote about being young and feeling like you can do anything including go to blast house on top of a volcano i'll be performing at this fall starting in october on my tour called the too good to be tour tickets are on sale right now galanga space and have a little bit more on that later but for right now here's my single call doesn't matter and once again this is with the tom joyner right back at your hot song of the week thanks again oh mouth your commute no beckman show not speed jumping ship cantu did.

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