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Is cocaine and caviar I think it's a record. Iraq's getting a friend of mine was wearing and you know. I used to be a fan of cocaine so i thought it was cool ever cocaine off of somebody's body parts. Yeah know several times. I've also had done off of me. Several times up of body burden will mostly my penis really. Yeah once in a while. Who's bathroom. I would in a lesson awad. Who's who's it's a taco place out on the west coast. Want his bathroom True like if you put like coca on on the dick. It's going to to stay. Hardly almost actually bagger something. I i don't know i never heard that before. Dick that snorting coke with the hell. I don't know somebody told me if you run some coke on the dick it. It's like viagra. It's all the same. I'm like now. I did use to with some some ladies Used to Ask them and they would let me. Were you mix a little cocaine with water and one of those plastic syringes. There's no needle but the baby there but yeah and scored Cocaine and asshole. I've never like i did. I did a lot a lot of excellent. I never there'd be people that would plug it or whatever. And i was just like why is don't high super-quick. Yeah but i'm good at it'll kick in. I'm good. I need the time i mean you know like when you're having sex you know things going up. The ass is fine. Whatever year in a solid try. And i'm like who good good on that front. I i told my husband that if he lets would do to him then i'll do it to let them ditch me nothing wrong with being pegged one hundred percent actually you guys are the ones that have something up there that is even like yeah like why do we want something in our household we literally don't finger but like i don't want another like toys thing or he won't even let me do a finger literally i'd have to work. Well i think i will. We'll talk about this later but so are now a congress. I don't wanna talk about whole very talked about my behold on this show oh weird so how did the whole drinking ketchup come about. 'cause that's got into the guinness book of world records or as eaten it yet. What has anyone beaten it yet. Yeah yes years ago. Yeah it took a long time now. Okay tell us so. All right so so grown-up. I always put catch up on everything And then my freshman year of college We were at like perkins after a party I think this was right after the summer of my freshman year college anyhow We're all kinda drunk in getting breakfast food. And i put a bunch of catch up on my eggs and i think i put too much and a my friend's older brother was with us. Houston cynic across for many commented on the possibility of journey kinetic. Have you ever thought of drinking. Like i bet you could because people at one guy can drink mustard like you should try and and he was like alpay for breakfast if you do it. I'm like i'll try so hard. So i put a straw in and i started.

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