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Just it's just super interesting so i agree one hundred percent. It's this performance is artistic right in order. good comedian. You need to be able to empathize and understand what your audience is going through. And and tap into that right. That's what makes burnham a good creator because he's able to see himself talk about himself and then also create a connection with the audience and so by doing that. I mean that's why he is great at at comedy. And that's also why he's just a great khan a creator. In general remember the movie eighth grade we talked about that in another episode right so cringe. It's so many moments in just made you feel for the characters because o'byrne him someone who understands human condition and what it means to be a person in society today so there's so much talk about. We could talk about just the existential of this but there's many specifics that i feel like we need to get your interesting that we definitely need to get into it. So the whole the whole thing is almost a commentary on his last special right the one where he was having panic attacks of happy because the opening of this special and i'm sure you notice that same broom it's that same feeling. It's like his house behind his house. Like it's like a little kid her studio for his kind of yeah. I said you probably goes there. That's what it seems like by context clues because he does rent out just student he has now. He makes to these jokes about giving away his money to not have money. I know i was wondering what the space was because i was curious if he found himself and did everything ourselves than what is this house his house that he lives in. I think it is. I feel like it's has house behind his house like it's guest house or something. But anyway he starts off with his intro song and he starts. I honestly this the first song right away. The intro song is like such you opt for exactly what this thing is going to be because the first it's content is the name of the song and he does that. Great thing where he's just like sitting there in a chair where you see all the lights and everything. So it establishes you're going to see the backbone of this you're gonna see the you're going to see how he is making this rice and it says it up right away and he has this weird thing on his head and you're like what is this and then the puck and disco ball thing and i'm like yes. Oh you already showed me like. You're more of a genius. And i would ever be and this just started like it's scary. At how much of a genius. Bo burnham is and i i am alarmed by it someone could be so and so talented in so many different ways. I mean if you look at this this piece of work. It's cinematography is incredible. And the way that he uses lighting design in the way that he used certain shots and angles. He's he's pulling from like crafts. That require years in years of of of study and work and mastery all of them or at least presenting them in a way that they are like masterfully. Shot in done. And it's it's awesome. You know it's great to see. Such great lighting design a editing. Every single piece of this is done with your raft. Can't believe he did he he you could tell he's study and he like a key like he didn't nail that does golfing on the first try right. Like he's yeah off of that or he had an idea and e you know. It's funny. Because i feel like you're the same where you always have these funny ideas about things to do and you're like i'll try that sometime and he can't but you don't have time right no. He said he had the time to figure out. Like how lighting worked and how to listen to himself and how to like. But you're right. The lighting design specifically especially you who have come from lighting design background. You have designed lights for shows you know you get it more than the lamet In i i kind of appreciate it but like the things going on lighting again. We can talk days because that's a mode. Talent reoccur reoccurring jokes. He sets like so many things just with the lights. Every part of it is well so fucking. Well thought out right. I was watching it. And the darren pointed out that on the a c. The only time it's on during the whole show is during one scene and it's on sixty nine degrees like just as an extra little joke right. It's just so so. Many things are just so out. And i noticed that for in the beginning of of the special. There's a split second where you see the his twitch twitch his its interests like winners what this win an hour and thirteen minutes and forty one seconds left in the special i wrote down i saw. Oh no in. The beginning happened in the first. Five minutes of this getting should happen again at one thirty one. Oh really yeah no happens early on in the special in one the first few moments it's like on for a single frame and it's like what that's another thing to analyze and dig deep into. What is he trying to save that. Why is he saying that. These are the moments that are controlled by this other character that he's created it's so deep it's just deep for so many reasons every fucking part of it is just so fucking good and it makes me angry because forever brain as one of the greatest pieces of fucking content ever made speaking of content at the same time of doing all of those things in having an existential crisis having like mental acuity gymnastics. It's also got like silly songs right. Yes her song is first real song. Comedy is like a meta commentary whether he should even be doing comedy right now. Comedy over with. Can you leave the world better. He literally says like. Should i be joking at a time like this right. Because that's the oh my god fucking guy fucking genius berta mother fucking piece of shit. Hate that guy love him. He's beautiful and talented but like this is exactly the thing i'm talking about. He is saying thoughts. That we've all fucking had which seems like something. Every comedian should be able to do but they fucking don't how many times about watching comedy special..

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