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Well it's supposed to be a neutral site games super bowl fifty two and we will be micro analyzing that from now until up till they actually played the game here on wpro with me ben mallar bought one of the key members of the philadelphia eagles travelling party believes that the eagle's we'll have a leg up in what is supposed to be a neutral site game in minneapolis now that is jim schwartz the defensive coordinator of the philadelphia's did you hear with jim schwarz had to say did you hear what jim short said as you might not have jim schwartz who's been around for a long time right the old lions coached it's such a great job with the lions unless he did but jim schwartz waxed poetic about the soup pro bowl and the set up for the super bowl and he then talked about the lunatic eagle fans although he didn't use the were lunatic that were celebrating and jumping up on a light pose that were covered and chris go and they're doing all these amazing things they resist acting like complete knuckleheads following the nfc championship game and jim schwartz indicated that since the eagles had not been to the super bowl in awhile answers they haven't won one he thinks that the eagle fan base is going to to make it the minneapolis it essentially on paraphrasing some of this but they are going to do what they did to the super bowl what they did when they went to the to the west coast eagles had a couple of road games out on the west coast and they overtook the ram stadium with like an invasion of philadelphia eagles feints and in a schwartz talked about renault's are expensive the tickets are blah blah blah blah blah blah's not gonna be easy but he thinks that the there will be many more eagle fans there as opposed to the patriots fans any ah he also said this he said you're gonna hear a lot of people singing our fight song as opposed to the patriots fight song now chris do you know the patriots fights on.

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