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Like one of my classmates, when into a diabetic coma and you know it was, she was a neighbor, and it was very touching go and we didn't know if she was going to be okay. And I remember like that was my first exposure to diabetes. Trying to have this explained by my dad, he was trying to be very scientific, but like was giving me way more than I was intellectually ready for. Like. What do you mean sugar can kill you? Wait and I became a little scared of cupcakes for a minute for a minute. And it it was one of those things and now when I look back. I think like today that whole situation would have been. Completely different. I mean that can can definitely still happen and it's still a terrifying experience. Yeah, the the available course of action exactly improved exactly. So. Yeah, still still room for more. But improved. Yeah, like so many things that we talked about on the show. This is an ongoing development right maybe next year. There will be a magical thing in this episode will be outdated I I would yeah. If, it makes it I, mean given that we often have that problem where we talk about a thing, and immediately it becomes slightly outdated. Someone discovers the next, scientific or technological. Uncovers another historical facts that changes the context of everything so baby were initiating it and catalyzing it by putting it in. That will be cool. so yeah, thanks everybody for tune in on this cattle Friday. If you WANNA send us email about any anything where it history podcast, iheartradio dot com. Aunt. Subscribed our show. If you haven't on apple podcasts, iheartradio apper anywhere. You like to listen to podcasts. Stuff you missed in history classes, the production of iheartradio for more podcasts, iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. This episode has been brought to you by the completely redesigned twenty twenty four explorer. You may want to explore the world around you, and this is agreed vehicle to do it in. There's a unexplored territory to be found everywhere even in your hometown, and sometimes that just means handling the day to day tasks that you always have to do, but now you can do it with absolute certainty. You won't feel like you're held back in any way by the vehicle. You're driving. You can navigate complicated interstates. You could make successful grocery store trips. You got the cargo space to handle almost anything you need the all new two thousand twenty four explorer, the greatest exploration vehicle of all time. This episode is brought to you by Milano cookies look sometimes that long Zen Yoga classes just not in the cards, so maybe a cookie is pepperidge farm Milano believes. You should make some time for yourself once in a while I know. I have a particular space in my sewing room that I like to just take a few minutes every day I. Sit there I think about things it's. It's kind of like meditation and Munching at the same time you can get that yummy beautiful cookies lever makes it luxurious and delightful, and I always feel recharged. Milano cookies are truly a treat worthy of your meantime they're delicate and Krispy with luxury, ously rich chocolate in the middle. You really want to keep these just for you, so remember to save something for yourself with pepperidge. Farm Milano..

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