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You seem winded cody no i'm good do you have anything for the people on frank gore signing with the miami dolphins absolutely yeah i wrote about that the other day coincidentally enough for mentioning it though and miami herald dot com is where you go if you want to click on cody's columns espn's nfl rankings today new power rankings rated the dolphins dead last thirty second in the nfl some of the reasons they listed were things i'd written about in the colony of the day so so you're taking credit for yeah yeah okay good that's probably yeah thank you are you going to tell the people what those things are i was about to i can't talk over this noise turn down the noise a little bit and go ahead and talk over and give us fresh frank gore miami dolphins analysis that can only be found in my mayors dot com in here now well the dolphins are bringing in older players like frank gore josh sitton and danny amendola and the thing is they're making personnel moves like a team like the patriots do a team that's really good and just making specified signings in the dolphins in fact why am i still dan the dolphins are not acting like a team that's rebuilding which they are is knows what do you have any more that's it that's all you've got to do it again take thirty seconds on sister jean here the music thirty seconds on sister jean as we go into breaks got show the man how it's done shows cheat somehow somehow sister jean has figured out and i don't understand how because i haven't figured out a way to do it but sister gene is figured out how to make march madness nc double a tournament filling out your bracket not about the team's not the players now the tournament she has figured out a way to make it all about sister jean and it drives me crazy why not because she's a bad purchase he's a great person because jealous i didn't think.

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