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Off the clock. The Blackhawks hang on for a three One victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets. They take back the two points they lost on Friday night on a good team win here for the Hawks. As they beat their central division rivals by a pair of 3 to 1, the dulcet tones and Johnny Weida been last night at the United States. The Blackhawks kept off 31 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets. Welcome back to Blackhawks Live Presented by Chevy Dr Chicago dot com. Drive. What cane and tape drive along with Nick is Monty. I'm Chris Boat is our pleasure now to bring in the head coach of the Blackhawks in his third season. Jeremy Carlton, Jeremy, Thanks for doing this on an off night at home, when, when family time I know is During the season is so valuable. I almost hate to ask this one when coaches just drive for the goal is first place. The goal is lifting a Stanley Cup. Over your head, rather than 34 and three records through 10 games, But it seems like this team has come a ways since that trip to Florida and well, I know there's still lots of work to do. You're going to tell us that What's been most encouraging to you over the past couple of weeks. Yeah, You're You're right. We're not satisfied with where we're at. But We get to where we want to be is getting better every day, and I think we've We've had a lot of good days in a row where we're improving, and I think that's that's probably the thing that's most encouraging is that we're trending in the right direction, and we got a lot of young guys who have Seize the opportunity to play and contribute and I like the work ethic of our team, and you know, especially Basically, since we got back from the road, we've been really competitive. And of course, we want to put more points on the board. But how we get there is by Playing hard and doing a lot of little things, right? Coach. I get up. I gotta pump your tires, and I know that's that's not a surprise. People will, you know, know that I'm the positive guy. But you know for me, you being a great communicator, I think put you in a great spot with this group this year because you do have so many guys. That are sort of Swiss army, right? They're adapting. They're coming in and out of the lineup. They're they're They're playing wing. They're playing center. You know, you've got to. You've got a mixed bag a little bit, but because you are that communicator. Does. It doesn't allow you to? Maybe You know, sort of drive your message across a little bit better with this group because they're a little bit more Moldable. Well, e think it's I don't Communicator. It feels like it's a label. Kind of. I mean to me. I'm just being myself. Um, I think it's Players want Can you help me? Can you help me? Play better? Can you help? You know how can we went? What's the plan? Um, you know, how can I play more? How can I How can I help the team win and the coaching staff? That's our job is to deliver that message and help him out and You know whether this year you're before the year after like, that's the job, and I think that's That's the part that's rewarding when you know, hopefully we can But these guys and get situations and then help them improve, and then they're going to get what they want, which you know, depending on where they are in their career, But Um, you know, right this year we got a bunch of guys who are trying to find their way in the league and how can they contributed our level and how can they help us Win and It's fun with spin a fun group. So far, they've work ethics and really good. They practiced hard. They've taken feedback and responded. Um, and that's how we're going to get to where we're going. I wanted to have a little bit deeper into that because you are getting the sea for various reasons How a lot of young players react. Take steps forward, Take steps backward. When you and your staff critique them being positively or negatively did they usually know what's coming and see the same things? Or are they often for lack of a of a better word oblivious. And if that's the case does that make teaching and coaching? Easier or more difficult, depending on how they see things with that you guys were saying Yeah, that's that's kind of a journey that you want to be on is so that you know, the more you work with a guy and the more he develops and Being Ah, being able to evaluate your own play is that's a that's a real big outset. And typically when you're young, and you're learning kind of what it takes that you know, maybe a lower level they really asked. You just score. You know it is produced. And everything will work out in the higher your goal that becomes not enough, you know, so Being able to watch someone's transformation so that you know, after a game you know you come out from when you say Hey, Hey, I got a couple of clips story and then like, Yeah, I know I don't You can show me like that to me that that shows that you're You're going in the right direction, and then they start coaching themselves..

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