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At the AllState skyline studio with a Catholic China's she is past president of the Illinois state medical society in this isn't professor of medicine at northwestern Fowler on Twitter at K tiny. You can also visit the medical societies website, I s m s dot org in studio with us as well that John Duffy who is a clinical psychologist. You could hear him on the podcast. It's better his wife, which is saying we shouldn't say, my wife is your third is to Julie Julie that Duffy a podcast called better and along with Heidi Stevens. He also co host the podcast on purpose. And he's all vailable on WGN. Plus only I tunes right now at work on WGN. Plus. Whatever it takes and both regular contributors here WGN radio happy to have him in studio right now. And we were talking a little bit about some of the therapies that folks. Turn to when it comes to depression or suicidal thoughts or suicidal idealization we have on the line squat. Hey, Scott, great to hear from you from eight one five. Hey, thanks for taking my call pay. Michelle. Thank you live here from you. Have you heard anything about hypnotherapy or any reasons why marijuana on the list, I know? The gold tremendously. But. Struggle. I'd be day. And. And. Continues to come in my mind. But I think I'd be selfish. I think to do any about it. But. Throw because all my life revolved around this. Leaping working really chilly. I get up to work, and I don't take care of normal areas 'cause I'm kind of be an isolationist. So. No, it's a lot. No. Absolutely and squad. I'll I'll speak to part of this certainly I have worked with a lot of clients who have pursued hypnotherapy as well as psychotherapy. I am. A fan of combining the two. I find that psychotherapy. There's a lot more research unfamiliar with that supports the efficacy the usefulness of psychotherapy, but but also. Inclined to encourage you to try anything that gets you out and trying something different. That that might move you away from feeling isolated in in your world there and trying something new you know, because. Five minutes dates, and you know, tied times about fire by actor. How long have been saying your doctor this particular doctor for? For ten minutes and enduring the when these feelings started with it before you started seeing this doctor or is it been since your treatment with him. You know, what you know what they've? They've they've they've gotten. It's it's worse. Right. So that's not choice. I have to make I guess which to whether or not you see different treatment. Maybe two. Or seek some some. Yeah. Or somebody new out to offer me different an open mind. I guess. Well, you know. Here that Kathy has. Yes. I certainly always encourage patients to seek a second opinion to get a fresh set of eyes on a problem. And sometimes, you know, it's a relationship issue with your current physician. Sometimes it's six six somebody new has a new approach or different set of lenses that they see your problem. I I don't think it's a bad idea to seek a second opinion. But it's it, you know. You have to keep in mind that the grass is always greener as much as we would like so that you don't get your hopes up on a new doctors gonna fix everything right away. Be realistic. It's it's a chronic long-term problem. And unfortunately, it often requires a chronic long-term solution, and I feel for you. I know it must it must be a hard way to live day in and day out. But please keep keep hope and please keep looking for more solutions. You can't I'm trying you know, I look forward to read as to listen to pay show it's up lifting, and he is the best antidepressant. It is does can you Stalin one thing to hopefully. Mentioned about. Cycle therapies. The quick definition. Yeah. So that's that's what you think of when you think of talk therapy. Right. That's where you're on the couch and the docket sitting on the on the chair, and you talk through the difficulties that you're going through. And that's what I do most of the time. And there's research that would say that the combination of the medication that you're on. And talk therapy is probably the best way to mitigate suicidal thoughts and depression. So I would encourage you to try both. I would absolutely encourage to talk to a therapist psychotherapist. There's a I talked to I taught in talking counselor that not the same thing as well. I would talk to make sure somebody who who's license who is familiar with depression, and suicidal thoughts. Make sure it's somebody who has experience with what you're going through. So that they can relate, and they can help you. Okay. More quickly go. Okay. That's okay. Back to tennis mention. Therapy or something? Yes, exactly electric convulsive therapy. Or better known as shock therapy. They don't do. Obviously might my has. We'll see D And he's doing fine now he's out working here work, but he had to sack. I want. I know the term is obsolete. But and they think her might make my father used to before path that it didn't deserve this. Would you would go on a little bit going to? A little bit about that. Mike condition may be sure. So what it does is it actually induces a seizure? So it what it does is it kind of kind of scrambles in some ways, the the neural pathways within the brain. And so for some people it can almost work like it's resetting like when you think about rebuilding your computer, you turn it back on again. And then, you know, things the connections at form the may form new connections, and they may work better than they did before. So just a simplistic way of putting it so for some people who were medication is not seeming to help sometimes alternates that they can be affective. So it's. Yeah. It's that for signed therapy in a few have other medical conditions. You may not be a candidate. Okay. So something to keep in mind, though, this, of course, I'm, you know, depending on what your doctor who you turn to for further assistance and advice and brother and Trident thankfully times squat. It's always great to hear from you. And I'm glad you shared this with us. I know it's not easy to do. And I think he's speak for a lot of people out there who might be thinking similar things. So you helped answer a lot of questions for listeners to thank you. Thank you, Scott. All right. We'll talk a little bit or I take care out. See you on the screen to be well squats later. Quick break. Here will turn we if if anybody else has any questions or comments, of course, the tech green is open phone lines are open three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred before Dr Duffy goes because again, you have patients early in the morning and data Tinus I make her stay late. But I also I wanna talk because this isn't. Line of like one. We kinda get consumed by an idea, you know, our teenagers. I have a son who's fifteen already taking his PSAT. We can set them up for what's gonna be next as teenagers in this college cheating scandal is not just about the idea that oh, we if you don't get into the right school, but whether or not they should be going to, you know, we should be forcing them into college. A great article, I won't talk about popular mechanics about trade schools, and the stigma that a lot of have I remember even in grade school, my eighth grade teacher. Let's call her missus Jordan because that was her name. She she would do well on a test. She would say what do you want to be a bus driver when you get up? We know what there's no -bility in any job. People have somebody has to do the work. And I just end the thing that made us all mad was and it makes me start to cry. Now is at one of my classmates, Erika her dad was a bus driver. So we were all collectively angry. But he with sing was it even we knew. But yet none of us. I think almost everybody went to grade school with still went to college even in our minds knowing that there is so much value in jobs, and they're a great jobs there. There's there's a need for the skilled trades, and we won't talk about that a little bit. When we come back on seven twenty WGN Patti Vasquez. I'm joined by Dr John and Kathy Tinus, mom, see to have been a doctor too..

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