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The perfect political sound bite no caused with given for his death but an autopsy was plan i i read yesterday that was a ardy eight grocery shopping we'll find out don't let a shock to the city like san francisco seventy years san francisco's has some of the most colorful dean mayor over the years from alley yodo who's a good family friend of mine my mom family two willie brown it was when i may be a little bit corrupt he was the mayor willie brown was the mayor win the new san francisco giants stadium god bill down on the waterfront which to this day is sold out every game even though they you know finished forty games out still don't know how you do that a first places you're behind the dodgers the always sell out you watch baseball games of yard teams that are in contention the aim keys big time teams stadiums halffull nobody there especially after like the fifth inning san francisco's always older don't know if the girlie fries it's the good food in the stadium the great views from the upper deck is a nice place to watch in baseball anywhere adly dead san francisco mayor dead and sixty five years old yesterday also forgot to mention this story about usa today's editorial if you did not read it did not hear about it you need to will do that when we come back anything we can do for you should we need male recall lynn talk about anything.

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