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Antonio football club insider, Dan Weiss coming up before eight thirty. Sean Hannity's morning minute before nine o'clock. There are reports that we're about to get and Areva dare Chee from the San Antonio Spurs franchise. Haven't heard anything, officially from the Spurs, but there are reports that Spurs assistant coach at tore Mussina has agreed on a deal to run basketball operations and become the new head coach of Olympia Milano, which is based in Milan, Italy at Torres been lead assistant on pop staff since two thousand fourteen now was just last week Spurs assistant coach Email. You doco announced that he was leaving the Spurs. He'll be joining the Philadelphia seventy Sixers coaching staff as an assistant their head coach, of course, is a former Spurs assistant Brett Brown. So now it looks like we're at least according to reports like I said, I haven't heard anything official from the Spurs and until I do I buying it. Might end up having to. So what's that leave? That's Becky say pop, and Becky, no chip England. Who's been with the team for thirteen years will hardy who's been with the team for eight. He's also the head coach of the Spurs summer league team in Utah, or has been for the last three years. So that's pretty much it. I don't know if you I don't think. I don't think that any of the assistant coaches under pop are listed. Like I assistant coach second assistant coach think they're all just assistant coaches. Now, we know that it tore sits or did fits as we speak next to pop, I don't any usually takes over. If pop gets tossed or can make a game. So we're just going to have to wait and see. I don't know if you know you know how reports are. Speaking of the NBA Kevin Durant did play last night in Golden State's win over Toronto then might signify, not that he played. But the fact that Golden State won that game I thought that was pretty much a must win game for the raptors. Yeah. I mean they lost the game and that goes against my general thought, which is not a little immigration game is not a must win. So I'll just say that it was a very big game for them to find a way to put Golden State away, and they did not they're headed back to Oakland for game six. They will be without Kevin Durant who played just twelve minutes last night. I think he was three for four in three for three on threes. Head eleven points when he re injured his achilles for those of you don't know the achilles tendon is just above the he'll in just below the calf. So when you hear them talk about a calf. Injury. It either is or isn't the achilles tendon. Did he go into soon? Did he go back in the court who knows antics, well, the, the president was side himself? The pro the president was in shock and was crying because he just possibly lost a guy from good. You don't know where that injury is gonna take that injury fits a tear in it looks like it is a tear. He's gone for only at least a year. Now, he's a free agent. And there are teams cases in point Brooklyn Knicks clippers who spent months if not years since the day, he signed with Golden State. Okay. Let's see. When is that contract of okay? It's up in two thousand nineteen and have started maneuvering looking at their what can, we do to get Kevin Durant, when his time at Golden State is up? Now all of those teams are maybe still looking at him. They're awaiting the results, just like we are, what do you do with a guy who's gonna miss the if that's the case? And again, that's not confirmed. But if that's the case, guys going to be gone for a year, you're gonna try to get him in the off season. And on top of that back to back injuries. You know raising speculation as he falling apart, well, in that goes back to Megan's question. Did he come back too soon? That's way above my pay. Great look decks up the him, doctors, and management and everybody by all accounts. They didn't throw him out there, because, oh we we're done if he doesn't play that isn't what happened. He worked out the injury that he had was usually a five six week four five six week injury. It happened back on may eighth. He'd been practicing with the team, not a lot, but he'd been practicing with the team. They didn't just throw them out there in desperation, he went out and played because he the doctors and management thought he was ready to go. Now, did he reinjured? It's the fame injury. Only worse that could happen that could have happened to his other leg, just me on the anytime you walk out on a basketball floor or out on a football field or a baseball field or soccer tennis court. Whatever, anytime you walk out there to play anything can happen. But this just canes the entire landscape of not just the warriors, but the NBA and as I mentioned warrior. Are still alive games. Fix is Wednesday night in thirsty Thursday night in Oakland. The current American oil, boom is only getting stronger and Texas is a big reason why the next phase of the development of the hot wells resort on the southeast side has been revealed there's reportedly another vacancy on the Spurs coaching staff, and four-time NBA champion Tony Parker explains. What led to his decision to retire or coming up at eight thirty w away, I news time, eight twenty three now, traffic.

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