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Night, police say at least 70 shots were fired. In all five people were hit. We thought it was fireworks, and because it's not uncommon to hear fireworks here, the police officers started coming up from a few different directions. And one came and asked us if we knew where the gunshots came from. Hours later in less than a mile away, another shooting near the Atlantic City boat ramp where one man was killed. Police say someone speeding away from that shooting, ended up hitting and killing a pedestrian on Rainier Avenue and then kept on driving. Really. There were so many significant incidents. That officers were coming from across the city. Aaron Goodman is the chair of the South Precinct Advisory Council, a group working to build relationships between officers and the neighborhoods that they served. It's not just up to the police to solve this community needs to come forward and say this is these are our Children. This is our problem. We need your help. We need to solve this common his time at 70. H Day Cruise will be back at it again and search for a missing hiker near the Snow Lake Trailhead. Cruise wrapped up the search on Saturday, right there as we got the darkness last night. Brendan. The Pond was last seen on Sunday, possibly hiking to Gemma Lake with his dog. The search for him scheduled here to resume at first light, but extreme conditions dangerous terrain. Also going to make that search. Difficult, we're told. Can police right now, just before five PM there, saying yesterday they're responding to a car pedestrian accident on Southeast 208 Street as a scene they found a juvenile pinned between two cars. Minutes provided lifesaving efforts. But the young person did not survive. Can police say there was no sign of alcohol or drugs involved, But one of the drivers involved may have experienced medical emergency this week, Governor Jay Inslee expressing concern as our state also sees cases climb again with Kobe.

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