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I tested a defensive player. Defensive defensive talking calico Okay so maybe we can. You pay the five five fantastic's better to madrid against chelsea jewels. This finished in a draw. I think the conventional wisdom from what we saw was round madrid played the way they've played most of the season thus far chelsea except for conceding the goal which was a phenomenal strike by bensimon. You go into a little celebration. There played the way they've done most of the season defending well and be sing chances at the other end because verner i don't i don't want to be critical because it was a great performance. Everywhere goal kante was. I thought he monster dummied field not midfield. By the way was the big game still leaves the big game experience midfield of course and whatever but he has no chemistry whatsoever. Upfront regardless of appraise turnaround police. Or whatever but i just trying to find the car industry but also wonder why do these people make the runs as to why does verner runs is fast. But i don't know if it's too cold telling him to make those runs where he runs wide or he takes doesn't he doesn't set himself up for the for the passing angle. Seems like unless the ball over the top and then obviously his finishing some stock today. He's missed all of this definition. Big chances he's missed. What forty-three this season unless concerned about that. Because i can come and go. Yeah yeah at least chances. But i look at this and say wow like to gone that far into the season the the season until since two arrived at the club to done so well wild still looking and searching for what the best formula is going forward those players and and the last pieces of the jigsaw going forwards. I think he's pretty incredible from two hundred and is far from perfect so just think when when they will be as good going forward than the defensively all much better. They can be even. It's not a knock on call at all. But i'm wondering if there's a parallel there with what he did towards the end of his time has passed where he effectively shorted out the defence and the midfield To to make them watertight upfront. Said well i have so much talent. That doesn't matter. Obviously chelsea of a lot less talent up front than twice as your man do but they have so many more options right. Yeah you can especially in the champions although police itch and verner for example aren't doing it. Hey look this. Hybrid skies pretty good. I've got got hudson door. Got plenty of players. What what sticks this data structure to it though. And that's why they were so good. Because i thought the way that discipline and and tactically there so much better than run madrid on on tuesday night. I'm as you know why. Bring football in twenty. Twenty one is beyond me is really beyond me and i think he'd be do a far better job looking after the election ballots than it does on the pitch for those who mr story marcelo yes. He's brazilian spanish citizenship. For like ten years he's been called in to do his civic duty were. He's got good for him. Basically go and oversee a local polling station. He'd be better bank in which would imply that he would miss the return leg because of pointing rules is not going to happen. They're going to give him a pass and dispossessed in. But it shouldn't be playing. I'm not sure about the back five. I'm not sure about venetia. and benza. The two front worked against i liverpool. I'm not sure. A surgeon work. That and and i think two hundred sixty should've won the game. They were by far the better side. Rumours one sean tonga incredible strike from benzene. And say now this could come back to haunt them at the bridge next week. If ron madrid step up step up a bit play with more intensity play better and maybe play finally new four three three formation. I think it's been an interesting season for content. Because he's had his injuries. He came back a lot of time more recently. I don't know if it it had to do with ramadan as well. He wasn't playing as often kovic Suspended for this eggs injury You spend before But he goes out there and puts in a man of the match performance must've must've and says fiberglass tweeted after the game saying never doubt him his place for two one is is the one for beginning excetera which is true and i do think maybe people have forgotten l. Maybe you maybe you take it for granted that dot com is as good as the because maybe it's also because he hasn't been yeah yes in place merge much hasn't been injured when he has played he hasn't been great over the last six months you be surprised by that kind of performance that game like that. It was unbelievable and and not surprised. Because you've seen him do it before we hadn't seen him do it against atletico madrid second-leg. He was one of the much liverpool when they won that game where he was exceptional again. That night i remember speaking to to hold on to hold said like county is a gift he said. I've never seen anything like this before. In my whole career said even training we'll get the gps data and we look and this is training last tuesday morning training and he said we are gobsmacked by the figures and numbers that we get from. Gps after training session. He said it's ridiculous. We've never seen anything like this. And yet they've been very cautious with him because of the injuries because it ten thirty because he's not. The price was less than five years ago. But what. I seem play on tuesday night in the rain like torrential rain in madrid against miro crews mortgage after a day of fasting and doing the rumour dan so not eating anything until until again until halftime and yet he's everywhere on the pitch he's just yet even even when he has the board. Sometimes you could still see. It's not really sure what to do with the ball in the in in the last thirty yards. But he's just incredible. I think have so much credit for his game and and for the whole career. That is hard because again and we've talked a lot about it but this is someone no one believed in when he was a kid when he was when he was growing up in power know academies. Everybody turned him down. No one believed that he could ever make you even a like division kind of level and yet he determination and courage and the talent so in going through it but my god see my favorite goal kante story which you think sums up. Obviously she just said he turns thirty. I think he's still looks like he's about twelve years old. It is wonderful story about in when you hit arrived at leicester and he was in the car park outside the training. Ground or the stadium or whatever waiting for his ride and several of the other coaches or care club staff. They come out and they see him. I knew like are you. Okay little boy. Are you waiting for your mom to come collect you know. He didn't know we was and he looks. You know he's short but also he just looks and and you know and he's and he's just kind of like you know it's like kinda smiling and quiet and whatever and they thought he was little boy lost. You know what a pro incredible okay. Row madrid. We've been through this with with zoo. You question the back three. I thought eder mealy towel played have paid greg about four but then you don't play then you play natural leftback. Odriozola got marcello was a liability. Play the now or something. It was a liability so you played with ten men already anyway. He no iran four kilometers in the first half. So you under pressure your by far the worst all beaten by much better team than you in the first half and he's your left wing back and he runs four kilometers note on. Would you have gone for three three and put on a sensor or something that yeah definitely definitely and because i also think that as good as a job county did on cruise because crews never had the time to control the game and the pace of the game like he usually does. I think you should give him more option. Going forwards crews can have much better impact on your game. It was it was it was just. I think that was the thinking with the wingbacks.

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