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Crosby will join then comes the Burton health stops by for on going Monday series all things classical and Klosterman new collection of short stories are raised in captivity is to reveal an irreverent and it's been described by at least one writer as for Michael doses of straight dope Chuck will stop by to talk all about it we will get to all of it I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying the American civil liberties union is moving to block a new effort by the trump administration to drastically limit the number of people seeking asylum in the United States in particular the influx from Central America and peers Windsor Johnson reports a new regulation is scheduled to take effect tomorrow going forward asylum seekers will have to apply in the first country they enter rather than at the US border Omar Jed watch with the ACLU says limiting eligibility is another attempt by the trump administration to make the asylum process more difficult what you can see is that the administration believes that the harsher it can be the better and you know in this case they're ignoring what the law actually says the department of homeland security is urging what it calls targeted changes to the legal framework of the nation's immigration system DHSS until Congress acts the interim rule will help reduce and major poll factor driving the overwhelming tide of illegal immigration wins our Johnston NPR news Washington Oklahoma's opioid case against the pharmaceutical giant Johnson Johnson is in the closing arguments phase this morning state Attorney General Mike hunter argue Johnson Johnson was a king pin in the marketing campaign he said the company driven by greed played up the benefits of opioid drugs and downplayed the risk of addiction thereby contributing to the nation's opioid epidemic the prosecution wants the drugmaker to pay up to seventeen billion dollars over thirty years to address the crisis attorneys for the company argue its products accounted for small share of opioid prescribing Oklahoma and contain FDA approved labels that warned of the addictive risks prosecutors say the child sex trafficking case against Jeffrey abstain in New York is building and peers quill Lawrence reports a decision on whether to release I've seen on bail is expected Thursday a federal judge is still weighing defense arguments that the multi millionaire should be able to live under house arrest in his New York mansion after his lawyers say he is not broken the law since his two thousand a conviction of soliciting a minor for prostitution prosecutors say if released the sixty six year old that steam could use his vast wealth to flee the country instead of facing a possible forty five years in prison they say new victims have come forward and a search of abstinence home you'll get a fake passport cash diamonds as well as what authorities say appears to be child **** the judge Richard M. Berman has in the past denied a request by a wealthy defended to finance his own house arrest saying it fosters inequity and unequal treatment quill Lawrence NPR news New York president trump says he is not a racist he's addressing reporters today after coming under fire for tweet that contained racist language about for Congress women of color and some of his supporters have sought to downplay the incendiary language from the president you're listening to NPR news this is WNYC in New York I'm Kate Hines as you've been hearing a federal judge says he'll decide later this week whether or not to grant bail to multi millionaire sex offender Jeffrey abstain WNY sees Quinn Hogan is outside the court room supporters say he is a tremendous flight rest they say just this morning there investigators open the locked safe and found a pile of cash dozens of diamonds and an expired foreign passport.

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