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And growing. And I hope that helps. Support for today's podcast is from Madison Reed. For decades. Women have had two options for coloring their hair outdated at home color or the time and expense of a salon Madison Reed delivers gray covering game changing color, you can do at home and look as if you just came from the salon, you deserve gorgeous professional hair delivered to your door for less than twenty five bucks. What makes rant Madison Reed color unique is that it's crafted by master colorist who blend nuances of light dark cool and warm to create over forty five gorgeous, multi, tonal shades. The feedback that I've gotten from the listeners who tried it as that it's convenient. It's simple to use its well laid out. Well, thought out there smell is pleasant and the color quality is great. So what more do you need to know? Find your perfect shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. And you guys the listeners get ten percent off plus free shipping on your. I color kit with code m h h that's a new code, by the way, that's code m I h h at Madison dash Reed dot com, and we'll put links to all this stuff on our on our website. Today's show was also brought to you by third. Love thirdlove uses data points, generated by millions of women who have taken their fit finder quiz to design bras with breast size and shape in mind. The results a perfect fit and premium feel so simply answer few questions to find your perfect fit in sixty seconds than once you receive your bra you can wear it wash it and put it to the test for sixty days. And if you don't love it return, it third love will wash it and donate it to a woman in need. It's all part of their hundred percent fit guarantee. It is hands down the most comfortable bra, you'll own with straps that won't slip tag labels and lightweight super thin meme. Airy foam cups, and they even have a line of incredibly soft and breathable cotton bras, and I can tell you my girlfriend has them and loves them..

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