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Taxpayer expense from Wall Street to Peachtree. This is biz eleven ninety. And it's nine thirty AM into by a quick check on what's happening with these regional equity markets. This was the last training days highlights some damp and risk appetites hitting Egypt's again, the global equity story having an impact on one point four percent. Saudi Arabia snapping what happened a seven day winning streak down a quarter of one percent and Abu Dhabi gaining for a fourth day. You've got the largest lender. I Abu Dhabi Bank increasing as much as one point seven percent. We'll get into some of these key scenes shortly. But now, let's check in on the first word headlines for you from around the world across out to NFL drillers. Thanks. British diplomat. A now said to be working on the assumption. That breaks it we'll be delayed beyond the end of March. The two sides are preparing for that all the direct talks yet to take place. Theresa May pleaded for support as at Brexit deal heads of widely expected defeat labor party raise the pressure on the prime minister demonic a snap election. If may still fails. We were promised the easiest trae daily history. We seen a divided deliver a withdrawal deal with nothing more than a fake outline future relationship with you will be coming in disarray. If the prime minister's Dale is rejected tomorrow, it's time for general election. It's time you got. China is promising to cut taxes on a larger scale to help support the slowing economy. A joint statement from the finance ministry and the national development and reform commission says the measures will be targeted at small businesses and manufacturing this little sign at the current stimulus has boosted the real economy, which could register the slowest growth three decades next week. Number two, Richard Clarita has floated the possibility that policymakers will hike fewer times fifth year and the two hinted at in their loss, mating, FOX business. He said a lot of happened since the beginning of last month and global growth data has set have softened the dot plot from December's meeting indicated to hike this year, by Clarita said the same doesn't vote on the dots. U S secretary Mike Pompeo says he's told Saudi Arabia's rulers Washington expects the kingdom to get to the bottom of the Khashoggi killing and hold those responsible to account crown prince Hamad bin Salman has been accused by some of complicity in the murder. Says was completely clear about the administration's view of accountability. Global news twenty four hours a day.

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