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Power screwdrivers from your car when you out and about rather than just running a an inverted of the car eve. The future twitter account says it's a nice feature to have in my dig a hole at some point but audit preferred a proper county great solution being able to run some of the house and a pal cup would be appealing. Yeah i guess. I guess i'm just excited about the fact that we've got a a reasonable way of pulling power from what is a massive traction battery in you know the the ford f. one fifty lightning i think the cyber trump is gonna come with domestic outlets So yeah but i know what you mean like a proper way of plugging into your house and pulling some decent amounts of pow hasyim calls a deck says already. Run my microwave and induction hub in my e can pecan decent but two kilowatts. Plenty for me. When i'm camping along with having the heating air conditioning running and again depending on what time of year yes both of those heating or a conditioning. Running off the car would be utterly amazing. Allah says a house battery pack. Now i like you thinking especially if it's not your car because if you're charging bucar every everyday coming home and then recharging your home's battery pack from your car. I can imagine that would prematurely where the battery may be by miniscule amount. I don't know but yeah if it wasn't my least car or something handing it back at the end of you. You finance arrangement. Yes you can go to have free charging it look provided by your workplace employer puck. You could go to work. Charge up your car come. Hung plug it into your own battery and then run your house from your battery which is obviously awfully grid connected safety connected because home batteries are i like the way you're thinking the the tightwad in me likes that the podcast take it easy. Says i'd run my laptop. My guitar amplifier and photography on location and lights as well good shout. Ev brenna in the us says in the aftermath of a hurricane. Audran a fridge fan and charge my phone. You know what e brennan. I hadn't even thought about just simple things like yeah cell phone charging if you have any power that is a lifeline. Matt cernik says let's look at the output wave form. Then we'll decide okay. yes you're doing. Some deeper thinking that i was i'm guessing is thinking that he just wants to make sure that That power is kind of pretty clean. I imagine and going electric. Uk twitter account says a bouncy castle. Yes i've seen. Johnny smith do that and thomas. V says another ev slightly. Smiling face Yeah that's you joke. I know with your smiley face emoji. But absolutely right if a and output three kilowatts. That's all three point six kilos that's more than most granny..

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