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You know so I'm not sure you know I'm not sure I think for our team and our partners we can get more eyeballs on just doing one off stuff and you know last weekend gun homes crazy we went out and won the race quality I and both days and I mean the guys I normally raced with I never even saw weekend so that was that was pretty crazy and you know one of those things I know that in the in the future they're going to be moving everyone's probably going to be moving down to the small engine and and the whole class will be together again which which racing it'll be just crazy insane again but last weekend was was great and and to be able to just have a nice weekend like that and be able to walk away and go all right let's what's our next plan and yea that's a good feeling I gotta go back too you'd mentioned krant and how was that I've been fortunate to pass three years to be able to kind of call aces back there and stuff but it's dude is is an Arizona boy going back there to to watch that it's got to be a little bit insane man well you know if you don't if you remember years ago wasn't I mean I knew I'd always wanted to get back to crandon but it wasn't I wasn't sucks official water on this last trip because I had raised for Johnny Greaves in the Monster Team Years back maybe nine years ago I started racing trucks. and so I had the opportunity to raise a few times and you know I can imagine I mean I remember my first time on there I was just like what the world is crazy the first corner with the Land Rover Start I mean it's it is it really is amazing an amazing but how he's ready I mean I was ready and when I went there my my I was ready to run up front and that's what we did and almost I mean we got two out of the three races that we we raised the next get that podium and the cup race was just I mean way more than we ever expected so but I knew we had a fast-track so it was just get some good arts and see if we can lead laps and and that's what we did so it was great we can I mean when you go to Cranston versus everything else you're Kinda like wow you definitely know you're at the Pinnacle Yeah it's yeah and I think it's hard to even explain it to people who haven't actually been there you know but it's just like you said it you just doc in and it's like I've been to the five hundred quite a few times and you walk into Cran and I get the same feelings like you just know you're someplace special you know and I think that's yeah just about it you know you know I think that I'd on the West Coast we have a lot of action we have a lot of racing lot of desert racing and even you know we've had short course over the last you know however many years but I just don't think you can get that type of facility anywhere out west so I mean yes crandon is a monster awesome track awesome race but just to be able to go there and see that property and be able to drive there and and see those kind of speeds with that kind of crowd and I mean that that's that's exactly why we all you know yeah well it's funny you talk about the facility as I've driven back through the campground and stuff like it just keeps going deeper and deeper into the woods it just like you'd never see the end of it there's more people oh there's more people it's like wow what are these people coming from yeah that that is for sure man you doc back there or are you cruise background and pit bike or even a side-by-side whatever and Man Yeah it's pretty unbelievable what you can find the net campground yeah one I know you know You're a pretty busy this weekend doing some stuff with Kawasaki now you're still involved with Brandman dealer Shou that's pretty big announcements coming out of Kawasaki This Week Yeah Yeah it's funny I was just talking to my the guy that runs my team he's like you've been super busy this week and it's funny Sunday was going Helen and then Monday morning was a Kawasaki dealer conventions in Palm Desert so went home that night woke up five am to split go down had to be down Palm Desert at eight o'clock so yeah it really hasn't stopped the Kawasaki shows going this week obviously with huge announcement this week with the new chair care one thousand and that's the new side aside from Kelley and it's the introductions ingrate so in fact I'm sitting here looking at one right now I picked up mine yesterday and it's GonNa go get talk dirty but it's it's been a long time coming for Kelly and I've driven this thing it's it's drives super well the chassis on this thing is super refund super stable they had a the demo of course I'm not sure if you got a chance to get out and see it but the demo of course they had down there was amazing yeah I know it looked like it a lot of rocks crawling like a bit of everything right. Oh Yeah high-speed that rock crawling they had low speed rock crawling they had ups and downs yeah I mean of course they rented this rock quarry down there and it really looks like a video game it's pretty incredible so all the d there's got to go out and do that they did they did the first half the dealers the first wave was Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday Friday was the rest of the show so if finishes up today but it's been it's been a busy week so after after today we'll it'd be nice to relax and think about that Glen Helen race from last week so I gotta ask you obviously they got that side by side you know you you pick up any itch to do a little side by side race and maybe the well you know what certainly the door is open now right was on that for me for a long time here and now you know I think after Glen Allen my trucks going to get prepped and parked in the owner we're going to get a cup I mean I have one I'm picking up another one we're going to do a bill on the tax need care ex and I want I went for my daughter and myself and then go maybe us go do it works race maybe do king the hammers I dunno it's kind of a you know the the slaves pretty clean right now and it's Yup and so we'll see what happens a lot of possibilities now I think that's got people pretty excited I gotTa ask before we let you go though I know you're busy now we're going to be up against time break but how often you wanna dirt bike anymore Jeremy you know I ride my bike quite a lot it's probably once every I don't know if this is a lot but once every other week Probably still I mean I raised the Ma'am motocross race in June the big race here this week this year they haven't every June and I was riding quite a lot Lee the summer and and prep trying to prep for that race ended up getting a victory which was cool forty I read forty eight forty pro and Yeah so I mean I try and get out as much as I can the dirt bikes can be a steady in my whole life you know for my whole life most of it at least so I can't get the thing off the stand anymore anyway but I ride my bike quite a lot and I I read my mountain bike and then you know my buddies and I go down the ball a lot so the side by side things been you know a big big thing in my life for the past couple of years so that's why I'm super excited about the new chair yeah I think that's entire industry you know it's obviously player sky but I think it's been one of those where everybody knew this was coming in and I think it's got us all excited you know and I know so you know they seem like they were one of those it's like for if we're GONNA come in late to the game we're going to bring our eight-game you know and I think that's exactly what they did I think that's what that's what's got everybody so dang excited Oh well you know it's it's the last few years of in so exciting was what Polaris in Canam have done I mean for us unite and all the other guys that love go out and drive I mean these vehicles have been amazing and the kind of progression that they've put forth over the last few years has been amazing and I think you're right when Honda came out with the talent and and Kelly now coming out with a new TEREX you know these guys had to they had to be on their game because there's a lot of competition out there and to should be in the game players and Canam these days gonNa take some work but you know the Japanese were up for it obviously it's Kelly's first time in the market for a sports I buy side which is you know it's a tough marketed jump into you but I'm confident and things going to be awesome I've driven it I love it and you know we're going to continue to work on it and just like the other brands you know there's there's GonNa be stuff coming right behind it you know to what's the next thing you know people's attention span is so short these days but I'm I'm just still taking it out there and enjoy four let you go Jeremy GonNa ask obviously shortly I gotTA wrapped up you've you're going to go out and have some fun in the in the new cow but you know looking at it looking at twenty twenty you think it's just a blank slate you're just GonNa take it by you know take it sitcoms and maybe do a couple of races here and there and just see what what happens yeah you know I think the beginning of the year is taken up with with myself at in in obviously with Kawasaki in the Supercross Series Yeah I'm still shooting that show called scientists supercross that we do each week on the supercross program which has been really awesome and so we have we're starting to shoot already for that so my you know my first part of the year is taken that with two wheel stuff and then we're GonNa you know now with the new Terex we're GONNA be able to come out and shoot some videos mix up the social media and the videos with with the pro to end with the you know my ex fifty so The door yes the doors wide open for for just new ideas and stuff this this so probably gonNA shoot four or five six videos 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