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And it's and I told her I was like, listen Yuna, Mike spirits is. I had no I could never been kissed Pated that I would be doing what I'm doing. And be even be who. I am right now, you know, as a forty year old as your forty year old father. You know? So I just don't feel like it's it's fair for for her to to have to have that much pressure on her. I just try to take it off and say, listen, you gotta you gotta take things as they come. And and you know, let's just see what happened. Yeah. Follow your heart. Follow your gut and a little spreadsheet done. Hurt doesn't hurt? A lot of spreadsheets starts to hurt. I also feel like social media has kind of warped that a little bit too. Because my kids I had the same discussions the same age, my oldest about-turn seventeen. So he's right in the middle of all the college stuff right now out. It's. It's a lot of responsibility put people I'm actually trying to encourage them to take a gap year. Yeah. It's a tough thing. You know, there's so much momentum to education at that point that you see, but I want you to school for pre-med at UT, then the internet kinda came out of nowhere in the middle of the nineties. And so it was like on to that to computer science and almost ended up taking organic chemistry as an elective on my transcript, but I talked to young creators to it's the same kind of thing was social media. It's amazing. The conversations have with people who are nineteen twenty twenty one. And they think they're too late for anything. You know, what I mean, all I missed the boat on this or I didn't get an YouTube early enough didn't get on vine, or whatever what's the next thing. I gotta look at. And it's it sounds like you guys have a similar straight. I try to like I was twenty nine I worked on stuff for imagine you're nineteen. Now. Imagine you.

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