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I mean, this this this game was not. Yeah. They had some guys that were out with injuries. Yes. Egypt. Green was a huge loss. But they did get Billy price back. They got Clint Boling back from from an injury. They got John Ross BAC who had touchdown catch. I mean, they got guys back from the by. And you know, they still they still couldn't couldn't do anything. That's embarrassing. That's an indictment on the coaching staff. That's an indictment on on how they they run. There. Offense defense all of it and Mike Brown needs start holding people accountable. You know, there's there's mixed opinions on if and when terra Lawson will and should be fired. You know, I some some believe that since the Bengals are five and four, you know, it's not the time to make a move. And if they do even would step out step up, would it be Jim has lit and how much of an effect would he have really at this point. I I don't know. I mean, they can't they can't stop anybody. And I'm gonna tell you what what really worried me this week is. The effort level the effort level on. That we witnessed on Sunday was atrocious in my in my opinion, and it really started to really get noticeable. Once they were down about fourteen to seven twenty one seven you saw poor body language. There were a couple of efforts. I think on an Ingram. Touchdown run. Jesse Bates and Sean Williams barely made an attempt to to tackle him around the goal line. There was barely an attempt to cover. There was two guys right on Benoit's. And they called it a touchdown. It was ruled short. But. There were two guys right there. They didn't. They didn't make the play. I mean, it's countless countless things on defense that you can't. I mean tackling still still poor Preston Brown. The guy who led the league tackles last year either missed hackles or is being dragged by Ingram and Camara down the field on certain run certain passes things like that. So I mean, you look at this. You look at the defense, and you say we'll you know, there's your to starting corners four first round picks. You have basically a hall of fame player, Gino Atkins at defensive tackle. And you've got a guy who's made a handful approvals and Carlos Dunlap, you got Preston Brown and free agency the guy who led the league tackles last year drafted guys here. And there to help you out you like Jessie Bates second round pick yet this team cannot do anything on defense. They can't stop anybody. They can't tackle. And they can't get off the field on third down the saints were seven for seven on their first seven down tries. And then finally late. I think it was in the third quarter. They finally got stopped and ended up kicking field goal. So you can't win games like that. And. I think at this point you really need to look at terra Lawson and what he's doing to this defense what he's not doing with this defense and. It's not working. Now, there are more issues than what's going on defense with the Bengals though. Joe makes. Yeah. The game got out of control Joe mixon only eleven carries on offense today, and he had a five point five average. So I understand you had a band abandoned the run a bit. Once you're down twenty one seven twenty eight seven things like that. But that's a big weapon that in and it was working. Well, and that's what you needed to work well to keep pace and keep the saints off the field and keep your defense off the field, and you kind of abandoned it. Now granted again, they were in such a hole that they needed to throw the ball around more. So then you look at Bill laser Andy Dalton to I drives pretty good touchdown right down the field. They got stalled on a fourth in one. We're going to go for it. They might have gotten it. But you know, Matt Langdale again just unbelievable penalty on fourth and one a false start at home on a fourth and one that just kind of a microcosm of the day. And you know, you look at. You look at the dry spell's from their right? It's it's a soon as another team gets a decent lead on the Bengals or as soon as the Bengals. And Andy Dalton have to get off script from their game plan. They don't do. Well..

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