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Appreciate you. Spending time with the mic Broom had show happy Friday. If you are the biggest Phoenix Suns Super fan. Then we want you to show us here's what we want you to do. Text the word fan 2411 92 3 Submit a photo of your Phoenix Suns fandom and you can win a pair of sons playoff tickets. How cool is that? So do it right now. Take a picture of yourself. We want to see how big your fandom is. And text the word fan 2411 92 3. You can win a pair of tickets. That's pretty cool. All right, Let's talk about the cyber ninjas. Did I get that right? See? Was that ninjas or ninja? I think that's a question that's up for debate right now. So the head of the company and they're based on a Sarasota, Florida We just had the Lee County sheriff on. Um now Lee County is in where I grew up. That's in Southwest Florida, Fort Myers. If you're if you look at the state of Florida, Fort Myers is about as far south as Fort Lauderdale. But on the Gulf of Mexico side about 80 miles north of Fort Myers of Sarasota, I've spent a lot of time in Sarasota. It has got one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world called Siesta. Key Beach. It's gorgeous. Apparently, that is where, um Doug Logan. Is based out of now. Doug Logan is the chief executive of the cyber Ninjas. Am I right? So far, Steven my following this right I go with Head ninja. Yeah, the ninja Head ninja since say, yes, All right, so he's he's the sensor. Um, on recent calls to the company's automated answering line, If you press three for sales You get the messaging for Doug Logan. If you press four for human resources, Press five for purchasing Press six for the general mailbox. Um they all go to the same place. If you send a an address for the cyber Ninjas legal department Um, you get a Rented mailbox at a UPS store. And this is who's Running the audit. Am I right? Cyber Ninja Cyber Ninja. Ninja. Singular. I don't know why I'm laughing at this, but That's what's happening. And so he's not giving interviews. He's not talking to anybody has refused to speak with anyone, Um And Logan himself as strenuously avoided speaking to reporters since taking part in April 22nd press conference just before it began. Um When I looked at this story. The reason it bothered me is because I was one of the people that thought that the state of Arizona was going to be able to get to the bottom of things, in other words, once and for all. The official audit of the state of Arizona. Says. We have found this. And what it has turned into is a biased look. That is trying to validate the opinions of a lot of people. There are a lot of people out there that believe that there was the election was fraudulent stolen. And instead of doing a scientific bit of research that would convince other people That there was shenanigans. Going on. You are doing something that is absolutely catering to the base that continues to shrink. And I think that's unfortunate again. I've said this every single time I've talked about this. I don't think that anybody involved in this the people that I know and there are some of them that I know much better than others. I I don't take great joy and disagreeing with a lot of people because I don't want to hurt feelings. I don't want to. I want hard feelings. But you have to speak up with what your opinion is. And if they don't respect my me, even though my opinion is different than theirs, and they were never really my friends anyway. But I respect a lot of people that are directly connected to this audit. I don't think they're liars, and I don't think they're cheaters. But the problem is you've got a company that you hired that didn't know what they were doing. At the beginning of this. At least that's the appearance. And you're talking to someone who was good with the audit when it started. So when you hear these When you hear people say, Well, this is how the media is doing this and this is what the media is doing that They are only allowing one video feed with one media company. Everybody else is relegated to the press box up in the middle of nowhere. They have a hard time getting interviews with some of the key people. They're not. And I will tell you. I think the world of Randy Pullen. He is speaking to the media, but they are not getting the information. That other people are getting. If you look at members of state legislatures across this country there down on the floor, they're getting tours there, apparently getting information that the rest of us aren't because they're going back to their home states talking about what a great thing that's going on Bernard Kerik, remember that Wasn't the police commissioner, New York That went to prison for something. Bernard Kerik. Why he got a tour. Well, then he wrote this. This this, uh, piece about what a great thing this audit is and everything else. Well, is that the key is that if you only get an inside, look at this thing If you're someone that already believes how great it is, and you're going to say great things. And that's that's that's part of why people don't trust it. And now, apparently, when you're looking at the cyber Ninjas, it's one guy with a P O box. Now I don't know how qualified he is, because none of us do. He's not talking to anybody. They refused to talk to anybody. They're compiling their conclusions, and we hope that they're going to be accurate. That's not an audit as far as most people are concerned. If you anybody that disagrees with me If you were going to hire someone because the I r s was auditing you and you needed someone on your side, Would you hire one guy with a P O box? Yeah. It's just not the right thing to do. In a moment, we're going to talk about the border, the dangers of the border and we had a borders. We had a sheriff on that's going to be sending people to the border. We'll talk more about that. Coming up..

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