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Collaboration that's being done across the world So stay tuned in the next week or two we should know a lot more New COVID related U.S. travel restrictions do start tomorrow vice president Kamala Harris We'll take it or step at a time but as of now we've done what we believe is necessary She was doing Christmas shopping at an outdoor market in Washington and speaking of holiday shopping correspondent lilia Luciano Eager shoppers are filling the streets of Los Angeles crossing off items on GIF lists to work around shortages and shipping delays Any particular deals you're looking for around this area Just some cool pieces Millions of Americans brave the crowds at shopping malls nationwide spending almost 3 billion in stores a jump of 21% from Black Friday 2020 After a year of barely surviving small business owners are hoping for some of those customers to come their way Back now to the coronavirus and its continuing effects on life almost two years into the pandemic the NHL New York islanders next two games Those are postponed because they have so many players out due to COVID protocols 8 at last count islander general manager Lula Morello The league over the past couple of years certainly has the best infectious disease medical doctors available both the union and the league flush their own physicians and we have to trust and we do They have decisions On a fall Saturday there were a lot of sports events held One of the biggest maybe the biggest upset college football game between number 6 Michigan number two Ohio.

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