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I think they would think of a firm that does your wealth type businesses that are growing scaling trading looking to build a presence of that presence in europe than we looked up. So that's for them whether that's Acquisitions funding idei litigation contractual kind of issues. Closing revenue deals employment or kinda cool things that businesses need to grab ready kevin but without fight because all on your on yet. We got financial services practice. Lug sciences practice starring strong technology practice of the thing. That was most appealing to me. When i joined the maybe a market leading. But certainly one of the largest Privacy practices in europe and It a technology space. I'm practicing practice all my life. It's a blend of. I pay contract on regulatory and increasingly that regulatory many many technology businesses in bumping against the regulation around the use of data and The platform that they gave me off his hair and the rest of the team has been really fundamental. What we're trying to in the states and what we're trying to build from now as we've kind of put all reach down and bill to presents. Hanson was Almost two hundred years old or over two years old. That's quite along long. Been a while but he had some ways is probably the last twenty five years that defines the firm. But it's nice to have some history the the firm with the lost. I'm like a doggie predated. The american constitution. Quite say that about jeff fisher definitely definitely in around for awhile. Didn't they didn't make it easy to get any kind of credit or establish..

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