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The white car and again in all one you walk into the white house in it looks far too much like a a retreat for goldman sachs executives roller closest to the present a whispering in his ear all wanner tax cuts for a one one of you've trickledown economics bank tatters leisure wealth these people in the country and hope down and they say it's by june neutral they say it will raise wages it's never done that throughout her as other unidentified ag fake yet is a rich white middle lives off other rich white man rushed making making believe he hates whiteman this is the latest stupid gain of they're playing how did that happen to me where do they come the rich white men who live off the better fact that the benefits sense of rich white men attack white men how does that work then he goes on this guy shared brownies is a very very important man believe me very he so important here's clip two from the important man sherrod brown i agree that steve bannon is a whites are asas david miller seems to be and i know however studies have shown that they have their ally sprinkled around the white house i wa i think that you know what what's really interesting about the stand as when the president attacks people like that he almost never calls them by enough already he he i they're losing see guys like sherrod brown are actually defeating the advancement of their own party i'll tell you right now the smartest amongst them is gavin newsome now he is a liberal there's no question about it but gavin loosen was quoted about two months ago was saying this constant around the clock trump bashing is terrible for the party we must have a positive message we must actually do something other than attacking trump but you don't hear them anymore because the vermin in the media i'm sorry to have to use that phrase again the varman in the media live off division the if there was no division if there was no crime if there was no rape if there was no war the vermin in the media would it would not have a job the phone number here as eight five five hundred.

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