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Will close tonight through early Monday, definitely slowing down your drive over the weekend. Komo's Brian Calvert has live with the heads up. Let's start with the viaduct. And no, this is not the three-week closure plan for January law. Newborn with the State Department of transportation says they need to put up some new overhead signs import some new pavement before they ever get down that road because part of the connections contract that we have basically the way to connect the roads to the tunnel when we're ready to open the tunnel. So all of northbound ninety nine between Spokane and battery streets close tonight through tomorrow night on Sunday. Northbound ninety nine will be open at Royal Brome for the Seahawks home opener now south to SR. One six seven were all southbound lanes between I four zero five and south one eightieth will be closed all weekend and in Lynnwood SR five to four close on both sides of I four zero five through Monday morning. We'll have updates all weekend for you right here on KOMO with traffic every ten minutes on the fours. Brian calvert. Komo news starting today. State troopers will be cracking down on distracted drivers and the state patrol is launching an emphasis patrol through the weekend. Washington traffic safety commission says distracted driving is the cause of thirty percent of traffic deaths in our state so far this year. Troopers pull. Over more than eighteen thousand drivers for distracted driving. The penalty starts at one hundred thirty six dollars. They've been working without a contract for almost four years, but Seattle police officers finally have an agreement that gives them a pay increase retroactive. Komo's Carleen Johnson is live with the update. Well, Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan announcing the deal yesterday after the police union ratified that agreement overwhelmingly she applauded the officers in Seattle for continuing to serve and protect the past four years even working without a contract, and as crime and homelessness in the city have made their jobs all that much more difficult. They do a difficult job day in and day out. And they do it in a city that has increasingly difficult challenges. But they've done it without a contract without a raise since two thousand fourteen. So the raises seventeen percent in all according to sources that I spoke with the Seattle times it would be three percent for two thousand fifteen another three percent for two thousand sixteen three percent for twenty seventeen three and a half percent for this year. Three point six five percent for twenty nineteen. I'm an exchange the guilds.

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