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Studio city. It's fifty two degrees. We lead local live from the KFI. Twenty four hour newsroom. I'm Monica Ricks is at home turn the volume down because I might get crazy. Welcome to the zoo. We are the Monkees delivery. Gary hoffmann. Shannon ferren. The crap shut down my throat, the Broncos, Gary and Shannon. I'm really excited about this show today. Still caught up in that whatever happened between you handle. I don't even know he asked me if I could smell his corn dog. Yeah. No. He asked if you could if you could see it I said, oh man, don't touch it. Don't touch it. Don't touch it. Leave it alone. Well, the thing I left it alone. I didn't really understand. I didn't know we had a corn dog there. I couldn't see it. I thought he what? Was he hiding I didn't know he had a literal corn dog in his hand. So let's just leave it in the past and move forward with our day, shall we? Yes. The Virginia.

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