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It's here and now more than three months after the midterms North Carolina's ninth congressional district. Still doesn't have representation you'll remember the Republican Mark Harris appeared to beat the democratic candidate, Dan McCreevy by just over nine hundred votes. But allegations that are Republican supporter filled out mail in ballots for voters prompted the state board of elections to launch an investigation that board is meeting right now to hear evidence of this alleged ballot tampering and to decide whether to trigger a whole new election. Rusty Jacobs is politics reporter for WNYC. He stepped out of that hearing with his phone and rusty the Republican Mark Harris as you will know when sixty one percent of male invalid votes in blading county, North Carolina despite only nineteen percent of those voters being registered Republican suspicious. Yes. But what's the evidence? Evidence. The board is the executive director overseeing the investigation that's been underway. Since Bill they will show that there was an orchestrated campaign by this operative McRae. Dallas who's here today for this hearing working for the Harris campaign singe workers out harvest collect absolutely about the quest ones. Then to go back out to the people who requested those supposed to get the actual absentee ballots. And then to even in some cases, falsify the information, and we've already heard some, Lisa grit. One time stepdaughter of McRae. Dallas was mother was once married to an it's still is close to him. That she didn't need many cases signed the witness boxes on these apps when she did not actually witness the information being sort of delivered. Those asked me about McRae. Dallas. But that's a violation of state law curious, well, the hearing could go on for as long as three days and North Carolina law gives the elections board the power to trigger a new election if they find that irregularities improprieties have occurred. We we've heard some allegations. They also could say that, you know, the Republican Mark Harris with nine hundred votes despite the alleged Barrett. Ballot tampering is the winner. So what will happen e what's your sense of what will happen? Well, this is the last thing you said, but that's exactly what Republican party members Republican party officials are saying look even if there's some wrongdoing here, it has to be about nine hundred and five votes or more that were bought by. It has. That's the precise number that could actually was the outcome on the other hand the law and Democrats say, no what you needed a coat of wrongly enough undermine the reliability or the competence of of you know, of one in particular. The whether the precise number. That's the debate. That's going to be for the board to decide the the board could end up in a deadlock will in other words, five number board three Democrats to public Democrats decided no we are not. So the buying more. House. Republicans say we would certify, but you need a super majority Republicans doing the other Democrats Kaufman the election. So we could be a deadlock no certification, but notable exceptions. House has. Jumping year and take over the investigation and decide on their own whether it's well, and it's a democratic critically controlled house of representatives now, which might refuse also deceit. Marquez? Meanwhile, the voters in North Carolina's ninth district weight and they've been without representation in congress rusty Jacobs WNYC political reporter stepping out of that hearing of elections board there in North Carolina that to tell us what's going on rusty. Thank.

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