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Thanks for your service welcome to the St Louis composting garden hotline now Mike Miller on KMOX the battle hawks are playing Seattle the dragons not the vipers the viper like make sure you said yeah Mike said come on man thanks to Alex we got that thing straight yeah tampon my mind maybe because of the lord a sunrise I just saw a look really really nice well folks welcome to the garden hotline tip of the trial our I'll be given there shortly but right now you can call three one four four three six seven nine hundred or one eight hundred nine two five eleven twenty the ideas questions comments or concerns let you take off Mr Kelly because I so you're looking at your phone you're reading a computer you got a lot of stuff that's just what happens in life man you are kidding yeah I was there so quick that's why I wear a helmet because I'm always on my phone I run into things exactly and by the way thanks for having me on your show we can discuss plant selection caring for ups and downs related angels you know the code of flax in pansies which are the annual cool seasons members balls how your daffodils doing how bout your crocus how bout your grape hyacinths foliage coming up your edibles wanna just maybe just grow some letters for the heck of it I mean this is a cool season vegetable so just put it in a window box or in a pot so you can see some greenery ground covers house plants lawn perennials roses trees shrubs vines or water gardens and I'll share my thoughts but remember my answers comments and opinions are certainly not the only garden path to take but strictly for you to consider and Alex's across the big board he answers the phone he needs your first name and where you're calling from does need to know what you're calling about or anything else during the week and weekends sometimes I spend doing walk and talks which I come to your home and I can take a look at a static problems problem solving with the plant material recommendations for maybe changing some different plants and putting some different things in and the and go to my website trouble W. dot Mike Miller designs dot com on the home page as my email address and phone number are listed probably email is the easiest way because a lot of times when we just do this phone thing there's a lady over now and I right now that we've changed phone calls three different times and we just miss each other so if you do it email is much easier to kind of get the whole thing put together then how come you're home a for the walk and talk and share forty plus years experience and like I said care and maintenance and everything else given the trials brought you by sailors composting six three six six eight six one three three four four it is a special recognition for an individual group or situation is made an impression on me a kind of a special type of the trial goes out to the engineer here at inter com Ryan Solti his responsibilities are huge and we've gotten some new furniture and him being in the engineer he took care of the for you know getting all the furniture taken care of and everything else so I tip of the trial goes out to Ryan Solti for not only the electronic stuff he makes it so anything you can hear my voice and everything else and all the other stations here at inter com but he's also responsible for the furniture which I did not know but also the time of the trial goes out to the university of Missouri extension service for their soil testing bullets and again here is the put it in your browser the address T. I. N. Y. U. R. L. dot com slash twenty twenty soil health.

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