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When he smiles there's there's portions of his legba go up so it's really uncomfortable so sad plastic surgery botched so sad it's weird to me like male country singer like women country singers are usually good singers male country singers to sound like a dude singing yeah they never is outlet impressive all the same yeah it's likely to sing in the car basically and i knew lots of people would disagree if that's the case but binge of sound all the same to me when the younger ones anyway yeah but you can tell johnny cash from uh oh yeah from willie nelson or whatever but yes insurer but the young ones it's like okay whatever it then it gets all music is that way i suppose were just old is what we're saying will since we're talking about old things maybe we should jump into this week's first movie yeah with michael pick both of these by the way in case there was any doubt santos gently and there was the illitch right what were unison exactly i will i felt like there was this challenge to see if we could find something worse than santa claus are sent an ice cream bunny which we did with two years ago the i have very very fond memories of santa running paliska an awesome painkillers or something only watch anything compared to citizens hindered village my memories are a great writer now because there's something sweet about that one that vis vis when does not have at sweetness it's i actually on this one a little bit terrifying.

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