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Call for gold to hit $2500 an ounce in 2021 alone. That's what about four weeks from now, With recent gold market price consolidation, there hasn't been a better time to acquire gold than in the last six months. Now, Maura Than ever. Please take a hard look at your retirement portfolio and ask yourself if it's properly and adequately and responsibly protected. Just had my financial advisers give me a lecture on Gold Clan gold. If you look at it, the price of it over 100 years is flat. It was actually a 200 flat over 200 years. Yes, that's why I have it. It's insurance when everything else is going way up and then way down and crashing Gold's flat over a 200 year period. It's an insurance policy least. That's the way I buy it cold rolled by today and find out how to protect your retirement account from inevitable devaluation. It is it's coming the dollar The dollar is going to be devalued. They had already has been, and it's going to get much, much worse. If that's not enough to motivate you. Gold Line is offering up to 6% in free promotional medals for qualifying retirement account purchases right now, so don't wait. Call 866 Gold Line 866 gold line or gold line dot com. Go there now. And second station. I'd get everything you need to know. Before you get to work. Listen to.

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