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We check the markets every 15 minutes. Throughout the trading day on Bloomberg SNP futures down, 27 points down futures down 242 NASDAQ futures Down 105, the DAX and Germany's down 6/10 of a percent 10 year Treasury that'll change your 100.64% and the and the yield on the two years 20.12%. Nymex crude oil is down 1% or 40, cents at 38 89 of barrel Nathan Karen. We begin with last night's presidential debate that devolved into chaos almost from the start. The night was marked by insults and name calling with moderator Chris Wallace trying in vain to control the event. Everybody knows he's a liar, but you I just want to. I want to make sure you wanted last in your class first. I want to make a resident Can you let him finish? What? He don't know how to do that. You know, you pick it be surprised along guy the wrong night. Wrong time. Much of the night went like that, Though there were some moments of notes the pandemic took center stage at times, Joe Biden attacked the president for withholding information from the American people. He knew it was a deadly disease. What did he do? He's on tape is acknowledging you knew it, He said. He didn't tell us or give people a warning of it because he didn't want to panic. The American people You don't panic. He panicked. The president fired back by pointing to his record. I'll tell you, Joe, You could never have done the job that we did. You don't have it in your blood. You could have never done that yet. I know how to do the job. I know how to get the job. But you didn't do very well in swine to issues of race and unrest were also part of the debate. President Trump was asked by Chris Wallace to disavow white supremacist groups. Here was his response. I'm willing to do anything I want to see what sir, do it. Do you want to call him? What do you want to call him? Give me a name. Give me proud, son. Right problem. Stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what. I'll tell you what Somebody's got to do something about Antifa and the left. The chaotic debate left commentators across cable television stunned searching for words to describe the night One network settled on profanity to characterize the contest. For many, the event was a low point in presidential debate history and a CBS News poll of viewers nearly 70% describe themselves as annoyed. We get analysis from Bloomberg political contributor and former McCain campaign manager Rick Davis. I'm not sure what the American public got out of it. But look, Trump came to brawl and that's what he did. Mine came to try and make appeal directly to the audience, and he tried to do that when he could. So I think both men probably executed their strategy, and neither one of them probably got much points out of this debate. President Trump focused on energizing his base. Though polls show he can't win re election without college educated suburban and female voters tonight, likely did little to change his support in those areas, according to Iona, College political science professor Jeannie's A. No Trump needed to shake up this race and I don't think you can say he appealed to seniors. He appealed to suburban women. He appealed to the college educated that he needs to pull out in this race. And by the same token, I don't think that the vice president made up much ground here. But since he was a head, I think we're probably looking at a sort of even playing field at this point where we came into this thing. More coverage and analysis coming up in 15 minutes From now, when we speak with our chief Washington correspondent Kevin so, really live in Cleveland. First, the economy is sure to be another key topic for voters. And this morning we get the first of three reports of the week on the labor market. ADP forecast to September gain of 649,000 private jobs and here with Morris Bloomberg Economics correspondent Michael McKee, The ADP report has a tortured history of often showing a very different level of employment than the government's numbers. Nevertheless, Wall Street continues to pay attention the past two months, reported 167,000 and 428,000 new jobs, the official payroll numbers each month a million higher. Economists are expecting another week ADP number, It would take a major surprise to move the market needle and it will likely only matter if payrolls coming week as well. Slow down this month is forecast so ADP may turn out to have more predictive value than usual. Michael Mikey Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, Michael. Thank you As we await that report on hiring. There's word on one of the biggest layoffs of the Cove it Karen Bloomberg's John Tucker joins us live with more John and Karen Walt Disney is slashing 28,000 jobs. The move affects its theme park, cruise line and retail businesses. The firings include executives and salaried employees. There's the chairman of the Parks Division says in a memo to workers quote. This is the only feasible option we have in light of the prolonged impact of covert 19 on our business. The comebacks jarred investors shares were down 2.7% of the premarket. John Tucker Bloomberg Daybreak man, John. We also have word of job cuts in Europe. Royal Dutch Shell says it will cut as many as 9000 positions over the next two years, shall also warns of lower sales in the third quarter is demand for oil slumps because of the pandemic. We also have a major takeover in the gambling industry. Caesar's entertainment has agreed to by Britain's William Hill for $3.7 billion plus a tie up that could have been the biggest utility deal in U. S history, Bloomberg News has learned. Nextera Energy recently made an unsuccessful bid to take over Duke Energy next era, is the world's largest utility owner by market value..

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