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I don't think we're going to talk to Jeff Logan here. Just a second to in just a couple of minutes at about ten after the buckeyes on Saturday. It it wasn't pretty I it was certainly very ugly thirty six to thirty one. Obviously the final they obviously did not cover the eighteen and a half points that Las Vegas somehow thought that they would win by on Saturday. I don't have any idea why the buckeyes are giving the they're getting any kind of a spread like that at this point. Because it's it's clear that our defense can't stop anything. So I I'm still just puzzled as to how they ended up with an eighteen and a half. I don't care if the Brassica has two wins. I think it's I don't know. It's one of those conversations that I've had with a lot of friends of mine where it seems like no matter who we play it's their Super Bowl, and whatever we play whoever it is. They somehow some way get, you know, have a forty fifth ranked defense. Offense against the run. And clearly that actually played out. But that would probably be about the only thing, and you know, I was told whether their offense, isn't that bad? Clearly, they're not but our defenses that good either. So I don't know if any of this stuff as far as you know, what this was supposed to happen. That was supposed to have a lot of that actually matched up. I just know that it was way too close for comfort on Saturday. Michigan now moving into the top four which I hate to say this. But I believe that they belong there. I mean what they did with Penn State on Saturday. And I know a lot of people are saying, oh Penn State's nothing or whatever. But that was just a walloping that happened on Saturday. And I think a lot of people saw Michigan winning that. But did you see Michigan winning by that much because I actually didn't see that happen? I I you know, I watched most of the game. And I gotta tell you, man. I the way the buckeyes are playing right now. And I'm a I'm a diehard Buckeye fan. But I'm not really looking forward to play. Them in a couple of weeks. Hell I'm not even looking forward to going to east Lansing this Saturday. I've I've gotten that. What is it the the battered woman syndrome every time I start thinking about a game. I just wins. And I I mean, you know, that's not to be a joke or whatever. But that's how I feel about it. Seriously. You know on Saturday. This is going to be a, you know, a really another big test. And I don't know if we can actually I don't know if we can stand up and. How we're going to actually do. I'm just scared. I'll just I'll just say it. I'm really scared. All right. So Jeff Logan actually is joining me now, of course, is Buckeye great. He's also part of our best Buckeye coverage and Logie thanks for joining me today. Appreciate it. Hey, no problem in it, should certainly feels a whole lot better come Monday than it did after that Purdue game. And I I want to accentuate the positive quite frankly blazer that came from game on Saturday against a much improving Nebraska football team. Yeah. That's that's where I was going with this. You know with Jay Dobbins doing his thing. And you know, Mike Weber we had the one two punch go J, dominance, good Lord, man. What a monster day for him. But the fact that I did I read that Nebraska's like forty fifth in defense against the run or something along those lines. But you know, that notwithstanding the thing that JK can take away from this going up against Michigan state this week, which is number one. I guess against the run the thing you can take away as just a positive day that he had overall in the changes that they made it to accentuate the running game. And this is the best running performance and they've they've had all season since the opening game. So it was about time. We got. Running the football. But the biggest change was the one away from the appeal to one pass option when the quarterback is making a read in determining whether or not he is going to handle ball for maybe setup to throw the ball. It was moral directed running game more beans were mostly handoffs directing Adolf's without options for the quarterback. So it proved that they were committing both ostensibly from line standpoint, they knew going to run the ball, and it was run blocking versus, you know, the the alternative line going up there not knowing for sure whether this was going to be run protection or pass protection plan Haskins took the ball away and and decided to throw it. So I thought it was it went back to basics and went back to fundamentals, and I liked the way okay is responded. So how do we this is the million dollar question? And I'm sure there are several different ways or facets to this. But our defense still is just as a glaring problem. We. We cannot stop anybody. It feels like and this was way too close for comfort. The way things went in the first half our hour agree with you if they had some success running and throwing the football. And when you have a goal threat quarterback in this Martinez kid is I think is going to prove to be a very successful cornerback in the big ten. They did you know, it is difficult to defend there's no question about it. But I really want people to concentrate on the first five drives of the second half that Michigan Nebraska. Football game in Ohio State, turn to each one of those five in a row in the second half in the punt. So the adjustments that they made in shutting down the brass Skyping became infinitely cleared in the second half. So I saw improvement and you've got to keep in mind. Also with the loss of Jordan fuller with the targeting call. We had three brand new defensive backs in there that we're not starters. Fortunately, one of them was William White who ends up. William White, Brendan wipe the son of William White who went off and had a record setting day for himself is he the difference because their articles now dropping for that. And you know, what it is? I don't know that you obviously, you can't, you know, not one guy does a defense make but that targeting call let's start with that. I, you know, I'm a Homer, I say this all the time. But I'm telling you, man. You know, the speed of the game and people I just I just said, you've gotta be kidding me. It seems like this is happening every week to us. By the definition of the rule was a it was targeting, and I don't agree with the rule number one. But if you looked at it on replay, the situation presented itself that the guy was defenseless at the point that they hit came out. I don't know how your stop yourself from doing that kind of defense football is all about employment changes to the targeting role. And I think the ejection is probably in my opinion on the I hit like that to take a kid out of a half of a football game. Or in this case for the remainder of three quarters of a football game. I think is pretty demeaning. I mean when you have something like that going on say vodkas perfect in the NFL. You clearly have a pattern and with us. You know, it's not the same guy. So that's I guess kind of just expounding on your point there. It's like it's just it's just seems like the the crime doesn't fit the punish or the punishment doesn't fit the crime. I couldn't agree with you more. And again, if that we pay official winds up above and he has to look at it. The only thing that he was judging because you can't judge intent on replay. You're just looking at the wool and did it in was there an infraction? The answer was yes, they had to make a decision that they made I would expect to see some changes in the future in college football. And then also the next series with them. It looked like the same exact thing only reverse it would have went in our favor, and they ruled that it wasn't a a targeting call. It just seemed and it did it look the same to you. Or is it just because I'm such a Buckeye. We'll look same to me blazer on in live action. When I saw the reporting on the explanation that the Ohio State player had made a quote, unquote football move. Meaning that after he caught the ball. He actually twisted and was trying to advance things now that all of a sudden made him no longer a quote unquote defenseless receiver. Again, it is to the world. They made the right call based upon the way the war was defined. But to the casual fan, the people that are watching it is really made college football, very difficult. All right to the urban Meyer, cyst situation or lack thereof. I suppose. You know, you see I gotta tell you man, just knowing what we, you know, this earlier this week the article comes out his doctors released a statement. And so on about the arachnoid cysts that urban has and I'm CNN screaming and running up and down the sidelines. And I gotta tell you is a bit squeamish. Unlike. Urban take it easy. Like, I'm even telling you know, my dad, my mom, we're all doing the same thing. Like, you got assist, man. You don't need that to burst or whatever. Like, I'm watching that. He seems so emotional right now. But how much is that playing a huge role in what's going on? I mean, I know it's legit. He's been dealing with for twenty years. But you know, people keep talking about it. It's an interesting thing that's going on with him. I've been dealing with it for a long long time. It's a part of his makeup. It's a part of rule was what it's all about. And the important part about this talking to medical professionals. It's not stress related. So here's going bananas on the sidelines and running up and down and doing whatever he's doing that does not create additional issues as it relates to this recognized says he can be sitting there having dinner with his wife at home in a very casual setting and a headache could come on and dropping to his knees. It has nothing to do with getting excited on the sideline. So it's just that. There is so much exposure so much direction so much attention to him on the sidelines that people think is going to explode because of problem. I don't think that that's an issue. We need to be overly concerned about just seems like such a fridge. The area. All right. So onto Michigan state. So we're on the road now for the next couple of games. But Michigan state coming up we head to east Lansing. We're at noon, again is that saying something like in the college world like we've been banished to the noon start time. I mean when I see that. And maybe I'm reading too much into them. Like, hey, why aren't we getting any later games or whatever what's going on here? But that's aside question, I suppose, but yeah, we we've got our work cut out for a Saturday really doing it really doesn't make much difference. When that start Tom that game is going to be, and I don't think people need to read any more into it than what it is. The big ten will not have any games in that prime time at eight o'clock or seven thirty which to me, I think in November makes all the sense in the world to eliminate these games from being late in the day. Let's get him play. The weather's going to get if you as we go along going up going up to influencing has always been a challenge. This is a difficult place to play. It's not do I will read, but it's pretty damn. Close to being the rivalry. And Mark dantonio being there now for his twelfth season. Former assistant at Ohio State torn four against the buckeyes since he's. Begin competing with urban Meyer. So we've got a little bit on edge on them. But I can promise you the experts are calling it a three and a half point favorites state. So that gives you some idea how close they expect this game today. Do you like us winning on Saturday? Do you think we actually can pull it off because it just seems really really far fetched for me right now..

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