New Hampshire, Internet Service Providers, FCC discussed on Washington Today


To procedural hurdle on thursday on his way to securing another term after a rare senate floor debate over an agency confirmation democrats used the opportunity to criticise pie over proposal to roll back the foundation of net neutrality rules and moves to raise media ownership rules one of the democrats was new hampshire's maggie hassen net neutrality is the concept that internet service providers should provide equal access to applications and content online and they should not be able to discriminate against content and content providers but making certain web pages applications were videos load faster or slower than others put simply meant in travelling ensures that even the smallest voices and businesses can be heard in contrive people and businesses in new hampshire notice granted staters half called unwritten to my office in support of net neutrality and the fcc has received a record breaking number of public comments reaching tens of millions from people looking to make their voices heard on this topic but chairman pie is not addressing the concerns of americans who were speaking out instead he's listening to big cable companies and internet service providers and taking directing at net neutrality protections that is unacceptable protecting net neutrality is essential but with chairman piety fcc these critical walls are in danger democratic senator maggie hassen speaking in support of the chairman's nomination republican roger wicker in the non short months since donald trump shows mr bot serve as the fcc acting chairman he has restored confidence in the agency's ability to do its work on behalf of the american people and within the rule of law is working to establish the light touch regulatory framework that allowed the internet to become the marvel of the modern age you could get.

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