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Said, it's a bad crash. Fortunately, there's no major backup just some time spent on the frontage road. See any traffic problems called to 10 75 26 So one I'm calling Ellis NewsRadio 1200 w away I partly cloudy. Partly sunny the next couple of days Low nineties for a high Today 95 tomorrow maybe 90 degrees on Thursday. There is a chance of rain tomorrow. And on Thursday 76 now at W o. Aye, aye. Among many other things this morning. Maybe the best news in years is coming your way. Get out your desk calendar. However, it is that you keep track of time and make note of Thursday, the 13th day of November. More on that 40 coming up in one half hour at 6 40 right now, back in the day on the day 15th day of September in the year was 1952. CBS. The classic I love Lucy. Episode Lucy in the Candy Factory, Freida, Watch it and not love Fry Laughter. The little Assembly line box No great stuff. 58 years ago today. Anybody here do that falsetto? No, not no hurt myself. Four season's first of many number one hits Sherry. Yes, Those are the guys from Jersey Boys 49 years ago. 1971 NBC Sunday night, Columbo debuted. Starring the legendary Peter Falk. Those air on Sundance on Sundays and Wednesdays. I record them all and then watch them later about 67. Colombo's a week and I've seen every one of them at least 678 times, and I still love them. He wanted quite a few enemies. Did he? Not not as many as he should have. But yes, and which I is the battle which, Iet's not be really I think it's his left. It is right. Is.

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