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Forty two so eric dickerson the day you ran over around and through my dallas cowboys what was left of them under coach tom landry that game was played in anaheim you played as a ram in anaheim thank you these rams play at usc stadium on their campus right to call caller obviously and i covered the rams once upon a time when they played in the coliseum and i have been too many ram home games in which the crowd gis sits on its la hans waiting for the team to excite the crowd as opposed to the crowd to excite the team and i'm not saying it's exactly that way now because there is some new news some freshness to it because the rams have returned to win a little bit of new their win a little bit but oh at home they've had a little bit of home field disadvantage in this game is going to be in that coliseum so they got lit up by kirk cousins at home in the coliseum and they lost to rival seattle at home and the coliseum up turnovers and they lost to the eagles and they even let nick falls finish him off in the coliseum and then they lost again to the forty nine was but i'm not going to count that because they mail that went in at the end of the year in the teams they beat at home to go foreign four featured scott told zina quarterback tom savage a quarterback andrew stanton a quarterback and so they had won impressive home game they held off drew brees in the new orleans saints twenty six to twenty so i'm not sure you've been a dominating football team at home and here comes the reigning mvp who struggled all year but he's been here and done all this in your guys have not done any of this this is all new to them in its as you said one shot.

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