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House what are you running on hearing on the economy no no Orangemen bad you know you're running on health care who believes your healthcare you all broke it Orangemen stressed you to fix it when you are you running on on getting us out of war no you're not any any N. engage any conflicts so yeah I do think it's going to be a lot of attempting to game the system and what can Martin is doing with this voter data thing is so infuriating it's so irritating because what if if we want if we weren't in the middle of you know primary are the primary already started right voting is already started we could and probably should address this issue there's a reason why can Martin Wheaton and waited until yesterday the start dropping all of these press conferences and press releases and stoking these fears of voter data right in to get it to get everybody up to speed again this is the this is an issue this was voted on a number of years ago where if you do this past the legislature twenty sixteen when you go vote in the primary you've got it you got to put down who you know what party that you're upset with the party your league you're most likely right to to go and show your support for right is that how it works so you get the ballot for the party that you are so you guys are saying so yeah okay if you say I want the Democrat ballot right that you sign it and then that information of which ballot you got goes to the party right which is the way that it's been all right the thing you sign is something like a pledge like I intend to vote for a spin the gentle but not by it's not binding or anything right in what we have right now is when you go had before this law was when you went to vote use had to stay in a row and it's so all of your primary candidates were in a row it's so you had to you you couldn't cross so right row and switch you you you couldn't be participating in both parties primaries in other states where I voted this is how it's always been done yeah like when I came here this was I was a is a different got so we're so we got a bunch of people like he acted like the sky is falling yeah it because of because of this there's so much data out there you know I I I I do this today okay and it's this is this is my my my side gig yeah I I help candidates will find their data I identify their their target voters and things like that just by looking historically at the elections that you vote and you we can get a good picture of what your party affiliation as if you've donated to a candidate before we can get a good idea of what your party affiliation is if you subscribe to certain hunting and fishing magazines or or green energy magazines we can get a good idea of of what type of person you are news apps you have on your phone I get all of this stuff why it out there and and the people that are complaining the loudest about it are complaining via Facebook and Twitter which is funny which is funny right come on you're seriously oh NO good bye my voter data might fall they already have everything they're going to have live at the capitol every day during the legislative session and everybody was excited about this the the Democrats were excited about it can Martin was excited about it the only reason can Martin is is worried now is because the other major parties that are a threat to his party there we could have the grassroots legalize cannabis in the legal marijuana now the have the big pond a fish from and they're gonna be able to see all of these Democrat voters and say Hey Democrat parties and do anything about we'd wanted to come join us he is the one point rob right there there you're actually get arbiter or one hundred percent correct and what would the nefarious part about it is going out there and pretending that he's just now learning about this in all my gosh he's he's just he's reached click on the paper he's got the vapors go in and this is all the data the data give me a break coming up we'll will get so wrapped or we'll get your I'll get your take on the the big gun meeting that took place and and having our earlier earlier this week we also have the Friday news quiz coming up at eight thirty five you still have an opportunity to let us know who you think is going to win your chance at monster jam tickets use the hashtag A. T. C. N. T. between Sam Corey Adam and rob door.

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