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Searching again for scores of people unaccounted for an investigation underway after a man opened a door and jumped out of a plane at Los Angeles International Airport last night. United Flight 53 65, operated by SkyWest was taxing at LAX to take off for Salt Lake City when airport police and the airlines say a passenger opened a door and a slide on the Embraer 1 70. Five partially deployed. The man was hurt when he jumped out. Nobody else on board was injured. The plane taxi back to the gates of passengers could get on another aircraft. The FBI also responded with police who arrested the man like stone. ABC News. Derek singing Gillette. Derek Chauvin, Former police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd sentenced in the Minneapolis courtroom yesterday to spend the next 22 a half years behind bars. George's brother and his reaction in the courtroom during the victim impact statements, including Georgia's daughter. I just was in chills the entire time when people were speaking because just My brother. He didn't deserve this. No human being deserves. Just this is KOMO news Saturday. In the extreme heat. Routine errands can become dangerous. Firefighters say Children or pets dying in hot cars is not only tragic but preventable. Almost Kelly Koopmans explains how you can keep your kids safe in ways that go beyond just checking the back seat. Kelly in this kind of heat, a car's temperature can rise by up to 40 degrees and become deadly in just 30 minutes. Keep stroke begins. When the core body temperature reaches about 104 degrees. A child can die when their body temperature reaches 107 degrees over the last 23 years. Is 900 kids have died because they were either left or got trapped inside a hot car. 25 died last year, and this year four Children have already died of vehicular heatstroke..

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