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Is there like where where things are so rancid there now the yalta go there yet i mean look it's a bad like oh you worry are you worried or you let me ask you this lou are you worried about evan ingraham having to be around this now oca i'm not and i understand where you're coming from i'm not because i think winning cures all and i will be worried v day or two or a week and a half after the season if jerry reese and bend makhadov still have jobs so you on a cleansweep of course i mean how could you not after this look it obviously didn't work you ran a twotime super bowlwinning head coach a hall of fame head coach and that's not by my standards i'm just saying tom coughlin will go into canton one day as a head football coach he definitely will because of those two super bowl wins but for me they brought this guy in he was supposed to be the wonder kin he was supposed to be this offfensive guru a younger version of mike martz or however whatever go you know fanta kasagic offensive coordinator out there he has done the same play calling from their super bowl years and are granted those seasons did end in a super bowl but there has been nothing special about this giant offense with the weapons they have when healthy if you look at this team on paper and i know the games are played on paper but you had ingram who was a solid tight and coming out of out of college and i thought he was going to mesh well with this giants team which desperately needed a big play tight end who is able to catch the ball downfield which this kid can do and he could run after he catches the ball but then you had odell beckham junior get it he got hurt it happens sterling shepherd okay you look at some brandon marshall you look at some of the other offensive guys that they brought in and you say okay now they're starting to stack ally with some weapons he did not do anything during his tenure as giants had coach which i hope ends as soon as the season ends because they need some i hate to say they need new blood because they just got an infusion of new blood they already need new blood and here's once they do.

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