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Hello welcome to stories podcast i'm your host amanda weldon today story is called a contest of the gods a classic story from greek mythology adapted by daniel hinds today we'd like to say a special thank you to theo and clara and their family phoenix and poly reeves and their family tyler from chicago and his family and new reimi an alba and their family thank you so much alba arimi tyler pauley phoenix clara and theo you're part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce fund news stories for our listeners if you would like to support stories podcast and receive a thank you and a future episode please head to patriotic dot com slash stories and make a pledge then sent an email to amanda at stories podcast dot com and let us know who to thank for as little as one dollar per month our patriotic subscribers also gain access to a special commercial free feed with all of our past episodes on it the feed works with any podcast player and you can email us if you need help setting it up thanks enjoy the episode a contest of the gods long ago in ancient greece a beautiful new city was formed though it had noname it was the greatest city in all the world it's people were kind and clever the inventors of architecture and democracy it's fields were green and ripe and its trees were heavy with fruit even its buildings were beautiful they were made of marble and their sides rose and fell in graceful arches like rainbows frozen white.

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