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Wave Female Fan welcome back for another episode of the fabled folly podcast owner start off this week with a quick shout out to a member of the fabled family Larkin price vice she emailed us with her thoughts on what was behind the door and more or less. She nailed it doors upon doors right. Well Morgan wants you to be looking out for for a very special magic item that we're going to be sending to you. It is a set of completely invisible near-weightless dice. These guys are incredible you. You can't see them feels like there's absolutely nothing in your hand and when you roll them no noise at all all right this week were exploring the sneaky class the rogues this is a class choice for kyle who plays narrows the hidden roads devote themselves to learning a variety of skills that will give them unrivalled leveled expertise in skill checks of course unless mirrors is trying to pick a lock rogues fall on both sides of the law in the forgotten realms with some of them being the cliche he's shaef thief or assassin while others become investigators or locksmiths and they actually help society out in battle rogues choose cunning and stealth over brute strength. This is what gives them their most powerful to the sneak attack see sneak attack is an extra set of dice that the rogue is allowed to roll when when dealing damage if the circumstances are right at first level. This damage is one d six extra which may not seem like a lot but with most weapons aerob- AEROB- can only deal one d eight or less so this could actually double the damage output now at level twenty sneak attack damage is ten ten D six. That's potentially sixty extra points of damage that can be dealt per. Turn is what makes rogues a good choice for players that want to be melee. La Characters but don't want to swing a big sword all right so last week the fable few began their final descent into the vault that they believe eve holds the treasure with evolving much bigger than anyone could have expected who knows what could be lurking or using around the corner for them. I think it's highly likely they end up finding the treasure somewhere in the dungeon but I'm not quite as certain that the law actually make it out alive which really begs the question. What's the the Treasury really worth. Yes we know the monetary value but is it worth the price of a life or multiple lives. The people have been without this money money for so long. Do they actually need it to survive. Regardless of their individual motivations are fabled few seem to think that the risk is actually worth the potential reward not just hope they at least make it out of this episode episode twenty nine snack pack attack. It's time to kick some pie cast.

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