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Bad timing because, AT and t. has closed its acquisition of Time Warner which includes what, was the crown jewel of Time Warner HBO and you. Know John stanky who. Is now in charge of what is called Warner media which includes the Warner Brothers studio. And HBO and Turner, all of that stuff he had this meeting which was taped by someone and leaked to the New York Times they didn't. Provide audio but they provided excerpts and he sort of took HBO to the woodshed and paddled them when. HBO Done remarkably well how's the thing that Jeff Bezos at. Amazon is, dying to have actually has game of thrones has big programs like big little lies which make people subscribe that has been HBO's game quality. Engagement it's like a patik that they. Make these kind of the sopranos the wire the legacy is amazing and John Johnston he comes in and. Starts talking, like the business wonk that everybody feared the AT and t. people would be. Yeah he said they want to measure their success in engagement hours per day not hours per week not hours per month but per day and that. Sounds like a, pitch that a telephone sales person or business development executive would make I, mean this is a big about face for HBO because. Richard player the CEO. Of HBO has been preaching for years that we are not Netflix we are not a. One stop shop content, dump where you just greenlight everything and all the different categories and put it up on your service and the the best will rise to the top you're wise they're a curated and very special place he's always said where only the best shows go and now his boss is saying no no we want fuller house we want some of these lowbrow netflix shows to increase the audience for for h._b._o. and to learn more data about the customer and to get more engagement and sell different products to them and that's going to be a big change and i don't think that john's danke comment really went over that well in hollywood not to be cleared he didn't actually say he wants fuller house but that was kind of the gist no that is my that is my interpretation of what he wants fuller houses buy go-to of a badge show that appeals to a lot of people well and i'm sure other people in the industry share that perception and that's bad because the industry can get its backup and the other thing you know when he's talking about he says he's said in meeting why more hours of engagement because you get more data and information that allows you to monetize Is, through, alternate, models of advertising and. This is so business speak and slow not what would move the creative heart of Hollywood and the other thing I will just point out quickly is that you know net flicks throws a. Ton of spaghetti of the wall and has. A huge budget compared with HBO and when John's donkey was then asked what are, we getting the money. He was a little vague yeah you'll get, some more money well what does that. Mean, so the this. Adds to the environment and the town that. Is just anxious and worried about where this is all heading I think HBO will get, more monies Mateen some might say well how is that a problem they're going to get more money to make more. Shows but the big question is can HBO increase the quantity without, sacrificing the quality and, we shall see thank you? Matt thank you that's Matt Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood reporter.

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