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To bypass like are a trade barriers. Usd dollar you know those kinds of sanctions to kinda remembered. A-this redmond's fees kinda strangulations. That are on these posts. Cool neil countries. They could bypass that in endgame thi- for themselves internally individually for their community but as for their country and able to participate on a different level and i think that is also a very valuable thing Those countries also bypassing power grits. They're going to solar. They're going smaller. They're not going to have these. Big huge large infrastructure infrastructure is smaller. And it's going to be more community based where people earn now. They were dismantling parts of highway systems to green and walkways in changing our cities. Knoller being car base will these countries in have cars for the longest time. They're not going to be car-based because cars are going out there going to be back to. Almost a pedestrian by logical essentially transportation system is going to be very a very different way of a building wealth in freedom if you will movement for those countries his leaping head like you said when you trade like the society society biases built into the systems. When i see things like crypto and the way consensus is done i see another leap frog and how humans compromise whereas instead of being a specific border specific set of laws or even the way congress or parliament or different lawmaking systems. Work where the left starts moving things one way. And then that knackery in a hard structures where there's an elder nickerson's in elder you listen to the elder or for most societies patriarchal because the person is the man in the household view. Go by even if they're wrong because their input whether the younger person wife or whatever your relationship is you don't have that there is that there's not that hierarchy and then because of the consensus mechanism you don't you don't have a feature unless everybody agrees to the fisher. So there's the you really have to compromise. You have to say okay. Well i wanted to be blue and the other person's saying i wanted to be yellow. Well it can be one of the other and you have to figure out. An actual way to compromise him afford instead of the typical political spectrum. Where i'm going to get what i want and then i've got to give you. I've gotta spend pork belly money or whatever it's a technology that makes what quote unquote good and bad is for giving community much more transparent and like the effort it takes to contribute to that thing that gets through like and also like we're that power comes from like who has the power to make decisions in some cases like you look at these that works in the power structure although talks about centralized. Is this very centralized. Look it moves really slowly because it's very very very difficult to get everyone to agree on something which is which is a feature not a bug that it will continue to move that way. It'll be very hard to change unless you get everyone to agree on something different. It gives you options on what your bias is going to be and making it transparent and malleable overtime. I hope just I think that. I think you guys mentioned something like. There's some sort of privilege involved in terms of the people who are building these systems out. And so there's inherent biases in what's being billed right now like we're following or falling rules programmatic rules made by developers and there is no. There's no historical reflection. There's no sociological study behind. A lot of what is being developed right now just kind of like and bam. Let's see if we can throw a token onto it and let's see let's it flies. Put better stuff. There's quite a bit of things that are that are actively looking into a concept of governance and how to make fair rules and that's why you hear the words turnaround game mechanics theory mechanism design right. I agree with you. Jesse because i personally get frustrated with this space because people speak of remittances all the time and that was that was the huge thing that was supposed to provide a banking to the unbanning to remittances for low. As well the thing that frustrated me was like okay. There's people have been talking about this for a very long time. There's organizations development in nobody went to these organizations like a coin basis faces san francisco. There's so many people there. Within the city with oakland and surrounding areas we widen they group up with somebody out of berkeley or stanford or university that area or institution as said. Hey we have. We are facing the city. Were part of this community. We would like to utilize his technology to Aspect of this community that we know exist and try to make people here first before going global didn't occur in on bank. There's this wilding people is always going to be an afterthought i think it's always going to be an afterthought mind i little help some folks. This is what i said. That's exactly it corey. That's that's the mentality of this space. It's like let me get mine. And then i'll consider helping everybody else. That's i can't into this space because when it first started it was very much about helping. Everybody was like this is supposed to be for all people and that's all i came in marketing amen. Yeah i've tried to make a compromise here. 'cause i'm not gonna lie and say like i didn't want to make money. Of course it would make more secure by my family and wealth and and my ability to work on the things that i care about. That's usually through. I gotta pay my bills. And i gotta figure feed my family or help through my family and so what i what. I decided the best course of action. Here's to throw away my ideals of like. I really wanna help. People is try and find ways to help people to make money that also helps people. Yeah because like a soup. Everything's zero sum game or like. I need to extract value from someone else so that i haven't been don't think you're going to end up with systems that do that and i think this technology allows you to experiment and play with of doing yet doing more community while also making money that you can do. Both i think the my anybody's show for any iota time they should know. I'm a huge fan of bruce lee. Right huge fan. Manley will change my life after he's been dead all right so humanity. What does this thing be like water. That's the phrase that everyone's most familiar with. When it comes to bruce lee the best systems we have or the ones that don't fight natural behaviors. The want that just kind of guide natural behaviors right. And when you're taking on a punch the reason why boxers make it look like they could take a crazy ass. Concert faces 'cause they're actually moving their head at just the right amount so that the blow of that punch kind of just gets absorbed by the rest of their body right it just you go with it. You don't try to fight it because if you try to fight it year and be a you know a one of those things crash test dummies from the ninety dollars crash test. Dummies ruin the nineties. You go roll with the punches. That's where the phrase comes from roll with it right. I think that. Like until the un banked abs Exhibits behaviors. were the banks. Want to go in enroll with the blow that is going in servicing them. They'll never be service. And of course. I always ask is.

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