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What a wonderful hedge against inflation because in these sixty nudity as interest rates rise. And as the economic environment requires rates in the sixties will rise also. And if you remember back during Jimmy Carter's day, CD rates were double digits and usually the rates offered and fixed annuities will rise higher than CD rates. If you see that happen. Raise your hand say, hey, gimme the higher rate that you're offering which is higher than a CD rate. You get it. This is a safe insured program. But you're keeping pace with inflation. Anthony doesn't stop there as they say in the infomercials, but wait, there's more these great fixed annuities a super way for you. The main street investor to cut your income tax dome. Run super is right because these have great feature in deferring the interests that you word you could cut your tax Bill as long as you keep that interest in the program. Don't take any distribution in any given year, you paid your attacks. Because all that interesting is deferred. It goes on to the next year. If you're ready to stock a bond a mutual fund, you get a ten ninety nine every year you have to pay taxes on those earnings with fixed annuity keep the money in the program. Do not take a distribution let it ride. Let it go forward. We have hundreds and hundreds of clients not taking distributions, and they're saving thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxes every year because they're deferring their interests are not taking the distribution great way, keeping your money, safe and insured by cutting your tax Bill time now save money talk radio for Anthony's monologue. And I've used the analogy many times Anthony, I've never forget a trip. I took to New York once and onto the corner on the sidewalk a young man playing a shell game with folks. And I couldn't get over the amount of people that were willing to lay their money down the play the shell game knowing full. Well, there was no way they were going to ever win beat that guy at the shell game. And the irony was that just a few blocks down the street was Wall Street where a huge shell game is taking place. Wall Street's favourite shell gain is pay to play and that's the subject of your monologue this week well during the financial crisis of two thousand Eliot Spitzer, New York attorney. General sued Wall Street's ten largest investment banks for civil fraud mrS Spitzer alleged that the Wall Street banks knew that many of the tech stocks. Did they were underwriting promoting and selling to main street? Investors were very risky and heck, no intrinsic value. Wall Street analyst who recommended many of the tech stocks to main street investors during the years leading up to the crisis privately dismissed, these investments as worthless garbage. Info space, highly touted tech stock was privately called a piece of junk by one Wall Street analyst, another Wall Street analysts privately dismissed, another highly touted tech company excite as piece of crack all of these highly recommended stocks, and many others which were highly touted by Wall Street as.

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